Ok, there have been many posts about favourite/least favourite heroes.

I thought I might as well join in.

This Is My Opinion, Please, No Hate


Heroes who I use regulary or as often as possible

White Crown Phoenix (blaster) lvl 9
Phoenix Dialogue 2

White Crown Phoenix

Decent attacks, a stun, attacks through shields, removes debuffs/buffs, and can make a shielder.

Add this to the fact she revives teamates, she becomes an invaluable player who I use as frequently in PvE.

'Modern Dr Strange (Tactition) 'lvl 10

Dr. Strange Dialogue 2

Modern Dr. Strange

Strong attacks, heals all teamates, multiple attacks, a shield and can randomly shield to protect

Dr Strange is used a lot by me as he can take at least 2 turns most rounds (once I used him and he had 5 turns in a row)

He can completely destroy most blasters.

Black Widow FB Artwork 2

Grey suit Black Widow


Black Widow (infiltrator) 'lvl 9'

Honestly, I didn't use her for a long time, but her level 6 move is awesome, Widowmaker helps with the rest of theteam. Give her her tactician grey suit and boom, instantly one of my best heroes.

'Quicksilver (scrapper) 'lvl 10

Quicksilver-Blue Costume

Blue Costume Quicksilver

Almost always first turn, 2 turns in a row, a stun move, sets up and exploits own combos and counters a lot.

Many people think Quicksilver is weak, but put heaps of attack ISOs and he becomes a menace. Add in his recent uniform, he dominates

An extremely useful teamate in PvE

Claws Black Cat (Scrapper) 'lvl10'
Black Cat Icon Large 2

Claws Black Cat

3 stacks of bleeding, decrease accuracy/evasion, greatly increase all stats and completely destroys anything with nerve chop (if they are bleeding and it crits)

I use the combo (against infiltrators) unlucky strike, F/up with cat scratch, then stroke of luck, finish with a destroying nerve chop.

A great hero to use in team bleed.

'Tigra (infiltrator) 'lvl 10

I like to think of Tigra as a generalfiltrator. 

Tigra Dialogue 1


  • 1st move grants auto-crit buff- blaster
  • 2nd move is quick action- tactition
  • 3rd move grants increase to atk/def- bruiser
  • 4th move grants follow ups- scrapper

All of her moves revolve around bleeding, thus making her the 2nd member of team bleed.

Hercules (bruiser) lvl 9

Hercules Dialogue 1


Amazing tank with counter, strong attacks, epic when enraged, lowers either melee or ranged attacks and a stun. My interpretation of a perfect bruiser.


Heroes I use often

Future Foundation Invisible Woman (infiltrator) 'lvl 12'
Invisible Woman Icon Large 2

Invisible Woman

Shields, can lock out enemies, strong attacks, secondary shields

She is great, but i don't use her as much anymore

Kitty Pryde (infiltrator) 'lvl 9'

Kitty Pryde Dialogue 1

Kitty Pryde

Can avoid all attacks

I only recently bought her, she is great, especially when tanking by Phoenix's mindlink

When I get her to level 9 with call lockheed, she might move a bit higher up.

'Ms Marvel (blaster) 'lvl 10

Ms. Marvel Icon 1

Ms. Marvel

Great damage, two attacks at once, can get extra health or stamina and can increase damge.

She was my original go to hero, but I use her less often now.

Storm (blaster)  lvl 8

Storm Dialogue 1


Helps team dodge attacks, incredibly strong AoE

I bought her for the epic boss, she is a good blaster, but is mostly used for epic boss deploys

Modern Collossus (bruiser)  lvl 9

Colossus Dialogue 2


Tanks well, strong attacks, high defense. Starting with protect is useful in PvP.

Great to use with weaker heroes

Magneto Portrait Art


 Magneto (tactician) Lvl 9

Invaluable for attacking sentinels and other mechanical/metal enemies. Extremaly useful and strong with a built in MFG

Sif-Modern Armor


Modern Sif (bruiser) '
lvl 9'

First 3 rounds crit, strong attacks, can set up and exploit well.

She was, for a long time, my best hero. Many others have pushed her lower now.

War Machine-Classic

War Machine

War Machine (tactition) '
lvl 9'

My main tactition, strong attacks, go through shields, high crits

An all out attacker, which I personally like

Havok (blaster) Lvl 9

Havok Portrait Art


An incredibly useful bkaster that can be used in any situation and can restore stamina quicker than Hercules

Cyclops Icon Large 2

P5 Cyclops


Phoenix five Cyclops(tactition) 'lvl 8'

Loaded up with attack isos and you get a killing machine that will help the team with his passives



Heroes I don't mind levelling up if I have to

Thing (bruiser) 'lvl 4'

An alright tank, good for attacking scrappers to grant enraged, then an attack.

I only bought him to get a 4th Bruiser to even everything out

Iron Man(blaster) 'lvl 7'

Has no way of helping team, weak attacks, I just don't like him

She-Hulk(bruiser) 'lvl 7'

I got her to have all 15 CP heroes, and thats all i like her for

Although 2 attacks and a stun are helpful.

Iron Fist(scrapper) 'lvl 6'

A decent character, prefer others though

Deadpool (scrapper) 'lvl 5'

Alright at best. Interesting character to use. Not worth 135 CP though

Beast (generalist) 'lvl 6'

Handy for levelling up a weaker hero and needing an opposing class neutralized or generalised. Otheerwise, not worth it.

Human Torch (blaster) lvl 8

Pretty good but overrated hero. strong attacks but thats it


Hawkeye(tactition) 'lvl 7'

No strenghts beside hitting people. Weak Attacks. I haven't got his alt yet.

Luke Cage(Scrapper) 'lvl 6'

Needs the scrapper follow up attack to kill weak enemies, not helpful.

Once again, my opinion, some will agree, others disagree. Everyone has there own opinion, please don't criticise mine.


Chookymans/A Legend


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