Now, I understand that a lot of you gamers will get that sudden feeling...of boredom. And in said Boredom, you rich kids and lucky goers...and the rest of the population that do this, will start BUYING Gold on Facebook! This game has only been out for a little over a year, yet there are NUMEROUS allotments of people out there, such as you (Yeah, you! Don't try to look away), that have reached a Divine-like status in their levels, heroes, equipment, ect. And even more disturbingly, sometimes you can see that it's actually someone who is level 0 who is number three on the whole PvP Standings board!!! I mean, how desperate are you, that you would spend all of that REAL money to become THAT powerful?!?!? I realize that you men, women, immature wads (just being realistic here, people), and general masses want to feel powerful, and sometimes, well, most of the time, you just want to get ahead. But before you try buying anything else, or buying something to begin with, think of this:

1.    Is this game really important to you that you want/need to spend real money on a digital, fictional game?

Dos.    Do you really need that hero/item/object of etc. RIGHT NOW?

III.    How much fun time are you going to skip by BUYING it...instead of EARNING it?

I am very certain that there are plenty of other questions out there for you to ask yourself. Therefore, you have my permission to ask yourself those questions.


When I become 91 years old, and I have become senile, I'm going to feel great knowing that me and my friend Mark are probably going to be the insistent Grand Masters of MAA (That is, if he lives that long...). When that day comes, I'll be glad to know that all of the work that was done, was done by the sweat, even more sweat, and sometimes, the blood of my Dedication....I hope that sounds the way I wanted it to.

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