As you all know, MAA has come out with the big "Phoenix! Fire! Sale!". Well, to celebrate the festivities, my friend and I decided to go out, buy Facebook cards, and then buy Magik. Now, at first, Magik seemed perfect to use with Modern Dr. Strange. But then, as crazy as it seems, I started thinking. I realized that, like Union Jack, she would need a Infil. to attack whenever she needed for max efficency. As my brain went along this path, my thoughts began to wander towards the Emma Frost, and her Infil. Phoenix suit, no less. So, I bought Emma Frost, and then her Infil. suit. My friend likes to attack, attack, attack...and sometimes defend. I prefer to be slightly more defensive. Now, here's the reason I am posting this.

Does anyone out in the audience know how is better, of the two? Please, give me all of your thoughts and details about who is better: Phoenix Infil. Emma, or Magik.


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