• Cheap PVP

    PVP on IOS is rigged

    June 15, 2014 by Cheap PVP

    I noticed, whenever I reached 1300-1360 points, I would start losing no matter what team/weapon combo I used. I started a fight on my iPhone and remained on the prefight screen. I then logged into the game from my iPad, looked at the report screen and noticed I had loss against the team before making one move. I disconnected the iPad and played the match on the iPhone, won, and immediately received the "can't sync with helicarrier" error. I did this 3 times and noticed the same results. My wife then tried and received the same. This is obviously preset for wins and losses. Which means not everyone has a chance at reaching the top level. 

    So for those that attempt to reach the adam level only to be frustrated, this might explain why. 

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