• Chase999

    Okay, Right now I'm using the Same Device for my agent on both defense and offense

    All Three Foreboding Devices, Generalist Reinforced Trench with Mercurial Crystal on all Iso-8 slots.

    So here are the Heroes i use in my defense and offensive and all their iso-8 information just want to know who would be the best combo and if i should change anything.


    • Regular Iso-8
      • Mercurial Crystal Iso-8 on all his slots
    • Empowered Iso-8
      • Convivial empowered Iso-8
      • Loquacious empowered Iso-8
    • Augmented Iso-8
      • First Skill - Vampiric
      • Second Skill - Dependable Non-Combat
      • Third Skill - Manifesting
      • Fourth Skill - Pulverizing

    Black Cat

    • Costume
      • Claws Cat Costume
    • Regular Iso-8
      • Mercurial Crystal Iso-8 on all slots
    • Empowered Iso-8
      • Startling Empowered Iso-8
    • Augmented Iso-8
      • First Skill …
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