White Tiger

Short Storyline : When the High Evolutionary evolved a wolf into a powerful creature called the Man-Beast, his creation turned evil, and escaped. High Evolutionary created a second evolved animal to catch his rogue wolf. He evolved a white Bengal tigress into a woman, whom he named the White Tiger.

DUAL CLASS: main Infiltrator secondary Blaster Gains both benefits and disadvantages from both classes!


HP.> Very Low

Stamina > Medium

Attack > High

Accuracy > High

Defence > Low

Evasion > Very High


1. [1][2]  Animosity: 

Attacks generate additional stacks of bleeding

2. [3][4] Cruelty:

Gains a damage boost after attacking a bleeding enemy. This effect stacks up to three times!

3. [5][6]  Red In Tooth:'''

Gaining health when attacking or attacked from enemies with bleeding

4. New passive: Blessing of HIgh Evolutionary:

Provides immunity to mind effects such as cower and disoriented.

L1 Ability Raging Slash

A melee slashing atatck, single target attack


[7][8]  High Crits

[9][10]  Deadly Crits

[11][12] Bleeding

[13][14] Shrapnel

[15][16] Shred

[17][18]  Tenderized

L2 ShapeShift - availability to chose between 3 forms Human-Tiger-Weretiger

Self-Buff Transformation Quick Action but each form has a 2rounds cooldown reduction!

Note: All forms have the standard passive but each of them grants an extra passive.

Human Form: [19][20]  Master Assassin

White Bengal Tiger Form: [21][22]  Blood Rage

Weretiger Form: [23][24] Life Force

Also the White Bengal Tiger and Weretiger grant access to her L6 and L9 respectively.

L6 Ability Leaping Frenzy - accesible only when in Tiger form

A melee slashing attack. Area of effect attack. 1 round cooldown reduction


[25][26] Hemorrhaging Attack

[27][28] Exploits Bleeds

[29][30]  Deadly Crits

[31][32]  Exploits Tenderize

[33][34]  Ravaged

L9 Ability Uncontrollable Menace - accesible only when in Weretiger form

Melee Slashing Attack, Single Target. 3 rounds cooldown reduction


[35][36]  Stealthy

[37][38]  Brutal Strike

[39][40]  Fatal Blow

[41][42] Scent of Blood

I am eager to see your opinion about my idea! thank you very much! :D

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