Hello I have decided to write this blog so we can all discuss Playdom's marketing strategy regarding how we, the customers, ehmm fans, live it.

I would like people to describe how they take Playdom's marketing strategy...

Do you think it is a nice strategy that is well-balanced giving players the opportunity to obtain everything by hardwork as an entitled free to play game, similarly to other games like League of Legends ?

Do you think Playdom's has a fiscal policy that "obliges" in various ways people to pay real money for an actual chance to win something good? Farmville etc

Do you think Playdom has marketing economic policy that allows people to eventually obtain main gameplay elements but demands money to obtain premium objects? most free to play games

Is there any other policy that suits you better not described in the examples above?

Additionally how do you  find the advertising policy of Playdom? 

For example do you think it is a good idea to announce two unreleased alternate uniforms for Rogue? 

Do you find it a brilliant idea to release a sidekick hero like Iceman for a special operations reward and then also announce an alternate uniform for him? Remember there are a lot of special operations heroes who do not have an alternate outfit ready yet so it might not be a good idea for many funs to release a new special operations hero and his/hers alternate outfit at the same time... For the time being only Emma Frost has an alternate uniform released and Magik has one announced but not released yet.

Also do you think pvp is a true chance to win a new hero or in the end the money spent there scales to be a lot more than 68gold/135+1command points needed to unlock the hero one month after?

All in all do you find it a nice idea to release heroes in such short times when the training facility has space for only one hero to be released? 

Season 2 is way different than season1, and even though season 2 brought many new welcome features with it and a lot of nice prizes (and for the first time free unlockable skins), season 2 lacks the additional 6gold and 30command points from mastering a chapter due to the lack of chapter mastery in season2. Do you think this is a way to force people buy more gold/command points or the prizes of season 2 scale better in your opinion? And if yes then how do you find the idea of needing a lot of different heroes to unlock a single step in order to obtain the alternate uniforms? 

In the end do you think the lockboxes system is a nice addition to the game or it is  just a waste of money and time? Is it a good idea to release some of the coolect heroes as pvp and lockboxes rewards? Do you think some of the heroes Playdom is chosing belong in the safe side of popular heroes? I know I have read an article of how Playdom choses heroes to release but do you really think they are looking to release obscure and rarely seen heroes? I have not seen heroes like that in the game ever since they had release Thundra, and maybe Squirrel Girl even though I predicted they would have her released due to her presence in the other online Marvel game...

Please peopl share your thoughts BUT DO NOT WHINE, SPAMM OR HARASS... I am looking for opinions and to see if people agree with me or not, and to what extend...

And here is my opinion, Playdom for me is a company that has a balance roster of heroes and a nice gameplay that becomes glitchy every time they patch something... Playdom is a company that has done a great job with the Marvel universe and evevn managed to create a whole new marvel universe which I totally approve and enjoy a lot (the unstable iso 8 scenario is amazing). Special Operations is one of the cheapest and easiest way to obtain a free hero (compared to other online games). It is like Playdom wants us to obtain a new hero each month. PVP is not unfair to me anymore ever since two people here taught me how to utilize the best of my team for pvp by providing me inforrmation and guides to ready. Additionally PVP is hard, and the higher your level the hardest it is, that's all about it!! And yes wallet people win but as I said the scale is not good as it is better to wait for a month and just pay for it, my aims for pvp is vibranium / diamond for locked gears. Season 2 would have been 100% perfect if it featured chapter mastery and brought some extra additional ways of earning some more free resources, not like I really need them. Regarding Rogue and Iceman who I used as examples, I find it very bad marketing strateggy to announce to alternate uniforms for Rogue when Rogue has none of them released yet... It just lacks thinking and it will stress the customers, ehm fanbase, of what they should buy first... Discouraging some who can not afford both of them to stop playing for a time. As of Iceman, I love him , he is one of my best heroes ever even though he is a sidekick, I would appreciate it if they had someone else  as a special nops reward but hey I sense there will be soemthings inilarly to Angel's free giveaway. They will make spcops of ICeman extremly easy and then sell his alternate unifrom for 90cps. That is my prediction for that. I think some heroes need alternate uniforms more than the unreleased Iceman.In the end I really think one training facility is too little for this game, whent he game was first released it had about 30heroes, now it has about 50 heroes, one training que with increased training times is now a burden for the game. But if Playdom ever did that they should increase the free resources received and they do not seem like it. Or they would find another new payable or winnable resource (like lockboxes) utilizing a potentially second training line... 

In a few words, for me Playdom is a company that respects(?) the Marvel universe, and respects its customers, ehm fanbase, but in order to enjoy their Marvel Avengers Alliance game to its full potential one has to pay a lot... That is not bad nor good either! I would grade Playdom with 8/10 for this game!! but 7/10 for its marketing! :D

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