Short Bio:

Tabitha Smith she is an adventurer, former student of the X-men and for a brief time a member of the brotherhood for evil mutants. She is also a very skilled thief! She is well knowned as Boom Boom in her early years. And after her father's near-death experience with Holocaust she became quite a lose cannon and formed a new persona, named "Meltdown". Meltdown should be releasid as an alternate outfit with new features etc.


Tabitha Smith is unique in that she can psionically create, manipulate and even time detonate plasma energy.

She is also a potent thied, with great espionage attributes and hand to hand combat skills.

As Boom-Boom: 

Boom Boom is very pwerful but fragile and not the best desciplined of the heroes. But she is unquestionably capable of doing extreme damage and co-op with extreme circumstances.

Main Class: 


In-Game Stats: 

HP: 2/5

Attack: 5/5 

Stamina: 5/5

Accuracy: 2/5

Evasion: 2/5


Energy Manipulation: All energy attacks deal half damage and restore the difference of reduced damage to stamina

Unstable Plasma: Has a 30% chance to deal splash damage to nearby enemy targets. Splash damage does half damage of standard damage, ignoring defence, splash damage can not critically hit

Pickpocket: Tabitha's melee attack have a 10% chance to acquire a "fallen" item from combat and use it immediately as soon as she finds it. NOTE: The items that Tabitha can find are: Lost Page of Vishanti, Team Restore, Neurostim. Coagulators and Holographic Hand-Link. There is a 20% chance for each of the items to find and are all great support items. (I know in pvp you can not use items but if Tabitha find any of those it will be a major bonus to the attacking team).

Un-Forbush Wo-Man: Tabitha is immune to all types of mind related attacks such are psychic attacks and mental anguish/mental scarring, ( This immunity is true and is when Tabitha Smith fought versus Forbush Man who tried to manipulate her ind but he failed because he did not find anything to control... !!! )


Level 1: Plasma Marbles, 

Each Plasma marble deals 1000 damage, very high stamina cost, No cooldown

properties: area of effect attack, catastrophic, deals very little damage to all enemies at impact up to 2-4 times plus some (at least one and up to three) plasma marbles fall on the ground and act the same way as (Punisher's Proximity Mine). If missed or dodged ALL plasma marbles fall on the ground. 

Plasma marbles that fall on the ground become plasma mines and are stackables for up to three rounds. 

Plasma mines will detonate at the third round even though they have gained a new stack of plasma mines in the second and third round, detonating all stacks of plasma mines. There can be 12 stacks of plasma mines at a time for each enemy player. Each stack of plasma mines does the x amount of a plasma marble multiplied by the x amount of plasma mine stack and then cut by half. 

The least amount of damage is 500 and the max amount of damage is 6000. Remember this is a core number unaffected by Tabitha;s runes or enemy;s defence, or critical hit extra damage, pvp bonuses etc.

Plasma mines behave as hazards, they will detonate if the enemy makes a hostile movement, they will be removed by standard means of hazards removals. 

They can be time-detonated by using stamina recharge but with an additional 25% reduced damage.

Level 2: Hand-To-Hand Combat: 

Single target attack, debuff, new form of protect from a single enemy,  high stamina cost, 2 rounds cooldown reduction, follow up attack

properties: Tabitha attacks an enemy with her martial arts skills and due to her great experience in hand-to-hand combat she applies wide-open, combo setup and exhausted to the enemy. Tabitha's street fighting experience gives her a 50% chance to perform a follow up attack. She also exploits wide-open and combo setup and removes them from the enemy target. Also Tabitha taunts this enemy, making the enemy incapacitated, locking the enemy and forcing the enemy, only to atttack her and therefor protecting her team from this enemy.

Level 6: Multi-Desciplined: 

No stamina cost, Self buff, Quick action,  1 round cooldown reduction.

Tabitha was tutored by three main personas: Cable, Vanisher, Pete Wisdom

Tabitha gains a desciple based on Cabel or Vanisher or Pete Wisdom.

With Cables Desciple, her L2 cooldown reduction is removed and she will always perfomr follow-up attacks ( Cable taught her many of her moves )

With Vanisher desciple: Her picpocket passive now has 60% chance to proc instead of a 10% chance. Tabitha also borrows Deadpool's laptop to play MAA on facebook. ( Vanisher helped her to master the "art" of thievery, and they also used to play videogames together )

With Pete Wisdom: Tabitha's Marble Balls are now made out of concussive force. They can not be removed by any known means and gain FATAL BLOW. (Pete Wisdom helped Tabitha how to create streams of plasma by manipulating plasma as concusive force ). Time-detonation with stamina recharge does not hinder damage calculation with the Pete Wisdom desciple.

The chances for the desciples are: 45% for Cable, 45% for Vanisher and 10% for Pete Wisdom.

Level 9: Concussive force stream: 

Can not be protected, has a chance to miss, if miss it backfires for half the damage back to Tabitha. Chain reaction: Has a high chance to travel to nearby enemies and deal half the damage to them, if misses when hitting  nearby enemies it does not backfire. It exploits shield and puts shield breaker removing and blocking future shielding effects, It penetrates shields and armor, ignoring defence. If paired with her passive unstable plasma it deals splash damage to all nearby enemies and has a greater chance to trigger a chain reaction.

Unique damage calculation: This attack drains half the STAMINA of Tabitha;s stamina and considers the Stamina drained as additional attack damage. Meaning if this attack will use 3000 stamina, then the firepower of Tabitha;s ultimate attack will go up for an exta 3000.

Exploits Mines: It has synergy with Marble Mines and Concussive force mines for extra damage as it blows them um for additional damage out put. It also blows up Punisher's proximity mine for the same reason.

So Boom Boom is a great hero to use with some dangerous skills and an even more dangerous gameplay. Tabitha is a high risk but high reward hero worth trying.

As Meltdown:

ALternate outfit: Blaster and Infiltrator

Basically the same gameplay but with 3 additional passives:

Not done yet!! :

After Tabitha takes a fatal blow or a hit that would reduce her health points to zero, she instead becomes invulnerable but unable to take any actions other than rest/stamina recharge. 

Tabitha can not be affected by any type of attack or hazard, she is cured by all debuffs and loses all her buffs when in this state and afterwards unless she somehow gains them again. 

Tabitha is actually in default mode for 1 hp, no stamina points and with her own passives. 

Enemies will ignore Tabitha for 1 round and ally skills will not benefit Tabitha during this round such are Rescue;s L9, Angel's L6 etc. 


Tabitha gains access to futuristic techonological gadgets and she has a 10% chance to use one of them randomly if attacked/ This items are: Distress Call: Summoning Vanisher..., Jetpacks: Granting her immunity to ground attacks and a permanent in-fight passive 'FLIGHT', Quantum Jumper, giving her other party members a second turn during the same round, Energy Shields, granting herself and her teammates shield barriers that also grant immunity to stun and Heroic Call therefor boosting the morale of her teams

Vengeaful Spirit:  

Tabitha as Meltdown now holds a gurdge to the world (for her father's near death traumatic experiece and for her being kidnapped and considered dead) and because of that she is now fighting more aggressively. As a result from this Tabitha now applies Melt Armor and Burning with all of her melee attacks.

Adds to her abilities:

Level 1: Plasma Marbles, --> The same but now apply soulfire when triggered

Level 2: Hand-To-Hand Combat --> The same but is now stealthy

'Level 6: Multi-Desciplined:  --> The same but now also additionally forcefull triggers her "'Gadgets-Familiarity" passive !! :D

Level 9: Concussive force stream --> The same but with two new twicks. One: It carries fatal blow even if it does splash damage fatal blow will trigger if viable. Two: It can bounce back to allies.

NOTES: Counter attacks and Follow Up attacks for both Boom Boom blaster and Meltdown blaster/infiltrator are done with her level 2.

Please share your opinion and let me know. I would love to know if you friends and co-agents would like to see this type of hero into the game. Truth is we do not have any pure high risk and high reward hero in MAA yet.

Meltdown is definately my favorite alternate outfit ever! She can like single-handledly lose or win a round solo for her team! She can even decimate her own team if her ulti is not properly used... :)

Truth is she has many unique gameplay options but as a blaster and a very deligate one (2/5 hp). She can not last long enough for all of her different strategies, you will have to stick with one and go for it. She can either be a support, she can be a time-nuke, she can be a volcano and she can also be a glass cannon. 

She would suck in pvp defence. She would thrive in pvp offence. She will be the best choice in pve. :D

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