Is it just me or is Playdom getting progressively more lazy by releasing fewer heroes available for command points recruitment?

On top of that why are there so many few heroes and why they are not releasing more of them? I remember the first six months of 2013 so many awesome heroes were released and since June2013 nobody new was introduced excluding pvp/lockobox/SpecOps heroes! And yes squirrel girl, and a new alternative outfit for Iron Fist!

I mean come on playdom? You did release so many heroes for normal recruitment in the early 2013, what is going on for the second half of this year?

You have unreleased content as of now, namely Doctor Voodo, MoonKnight and so many awesome alternative outfits but no dates! Nothing!

You just released Rescue for a limited time and you will be unlocking Bishop for normal recruitment but those heroes were available during pvp/specops. And yes Thane is an awesome addition to the game but he is a lockbox hero!

All these three characters refer to game system mechanics to keep the game going, but what about us, core funs who just enjoy fighting with a lot of heroes that are easily obtainable? By standard command points recruitment?

Below is a short list of heroes that I think will make the game look more awesome:

Howard the Duck --> you have to put him in as he is refered to one of the strongest heroes ever

Dagger --> Love her and since Spiral has dancing moves and dagger is an extraordinary dancer...

Bucky --> Cap's sidekick must be in the game

AND KRATOS FROM GOD OF WAR WITH A PASSIVE  NAMED "i do not care if you are in god tier, I will take you down even though I do not belong to this world|" and of course he would be the strongest because he is kratos,

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