Hey! Finally S2C2 is released and I would like you all share your impressions and opinions about it along with its new features and weapons.

Personally I was very lucky to win the premium empowered iso for Dr.Strange even though I do not know how to use ir properly, it says something its L1 exploits attrition and I am unfamiliar with this status...

I have also won two awesome weapons, one is called Spirit Edge, it drains energy and reduces enemy stats, gives health and stamina and it is an ethereal strike but not very strong.

The other item is called Stun Baton, It gives stun (as of now it always does stun, maybe it is a bug of the recent patch) and it does HUGE damage. This kind of weapons are my favourite... :)

And I also won another empowered iso for Deadpool. But I do not like it, it is something with exploitation again but I just don;t like it.

So I was lucky for the first 20 tasks of S2C2 and I really find Cyclop';s new alternative AWESOME. Cyclops will be GOD tier now and stay there for a very long time. Especially paired with White Phoenix.

What do you think about uncanny cyclops? What class do you think is best for him and what partner is best for him in pvo defence and offence?

What are your opinions about empoered isos? I strongly believe they are awesome but they have a huge drawback, they cost too much, Some of them even cost way too much more than some heroes and even their alternative outfits? Exampl Dr.Strange's alternative is 21cp for blaster class, and empoered isos start from 20 cp and more? Maybe there is one for 10 cp but I am not quite sure yet!

The best part of S2C2 is the scenario! It rocks! It is well written and it mixes up heroes from allover the marvel universe. The heroic battles are spot on with unique in-game buffs being great references to the respective comic books. And incursions are now a much fun choice to play since almost nobody is using the boring QS&Rescue combo anymore. 

Not only that the prizes for finishing all tasks of S2C2 are worthy to get.

The premium mission with Scarlet Witch is a MUST PLAY EXPERIENCE for everyone and so whoever does not have her, must get her as soon as possible.

Question: Will Playdom "gift" Spiral to all players for free like they did with Angel?

  • This is a question based by the fact that playdom gave Angel to players because they had drastically changed the gameplay of MAA druing a pvp season. This has been done twice for this pvp season. The patch that buffed Rogue changed the meta game drastically and the empoered isos will remorph the pvp field for a second time. Can we even hope for a free empowered infiltrator agent uniform? 

Thanks for taking the time to read this and please kindly share your opinion and impressions with everyone. What do you think about S2C2 and what strategy will you follow? Will you even change strategy or stick to the old ones and what weapon and empowered iso drops do you find useful?

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