WIth the recent empowered isos many buffs and many new strategies can be accomplished.

One strategy I found and I wanted to share with fellow agents in this wikia is one I have adopted for Rescue,

We all know that Rescue can take many turns per round and that her only bane for the AI is the timing of chosing either L1 or L6 after Rescue had used her L1 and L9, if she hits a blaster she always wastes a turn for reusing her L1 again.

What is better more for rescue then? Of course Rescue comes without an alternative outfit and that leaves us with a costume with two empowered iso slots.

I have put in the first one a Skulthumper to add a stun chance to her one and only attack. It might be a weak attack but it features two great debuffs winded and off balance. With stun it is just too op literally renedering useless the enemy affected.

For her second slot though I have used a tactisian unique empowered iso named QUICK EMPOWERED ISO anGd it adds a buff named snappy service which can allow once a turn buff actions to be quick actions, that applies for both her protector L2 and her shield/healing L6 buff. This way Rescue can use ALL OF HER ABILITIES IN ONE TURN and do 2-3 attacks with chance of stunning.

And here it is. Rescue returning to the GOD tier for once again.As of now she is awesome in pvp offence. ;)

PS: Enjoy, share your thoughts and experience

PS2: snappy service iso - 20 gold, skulthumper - 10 command points

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