OK I have read this article:

And by reading this article I get a general idea of having a new covert task hero release and the hero hinted in this article is just SCREAMING to be Tilda Johnson / Nightshade!!

Similarities: /

1.subject highly aggressive and elusive > Nightshade is a very good athlete, brilliant scientist, has access to a wide array of weaponry that can aid her in not being detected. she can even use pheromones to control others

2.subject displays clas strength and durability > Nightshade's Battle Armor / Humanoid robots

3.Subject humanoid > displays metamorhphosis properties

4.reference code: NIGHTSHADE QUORUM > direct reference to a code name of Tilda Johnson

5.unkown parentage > all we know about Tilda Johnson's childhood is that she was raised by a poor family known as her parents in Harlem. There are none official relatives by marvel not even there parents.

Her parents might have adopted her. It is weird that marvel official does not even list her parents... very weird!

and 6.codename: CHARLOTTE ACROBAT > Tilda Johnson Is adept with acrobatic skills

I do not think she will be the next lockbox hero. Maybe she is the next covert task but she could simply be a lockbox hero.

Remember Nightshade had surved Modock very good along with Armadillo and Puma. But Nightshade was later captured and reformed and aided in heroes for hire.

PS: A long time ago PD said they would like to see the inclusion of more heroes for hire in the game! (I do not have citation for that unfortunately)

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