Overwhelmed by the Christmas spirit , I could not resist of posting an idea for the marvel Santa Claus/Nick St. Christopher version from EARTH-616... Due to his physique and his ability to teleport his health defence and evasion, I believe should be maxed out. On the other hand he has ALMOST no fighting history, except from when he fought alngoside Howard the Duck to kick of a rebellion in his Nuclear Power Plant in the Arctic, which if I remember correctly he shut off because it was melting the EARTH and if it would reach the Antartcic it would have destroyed the whole EARTH616 planet... 

Whatever it is an interesting story and I am pretty sure you can find it in the web to ready it. It is very old if I recall correctly dating back to the 50's or maybe 60's , not quite sure about it but that is not the case... Below is a description of how I imagine him to be in the game... 


Health: 5/5

Attack: 2/5

Defence: 5/5

Accuracy: 2/5

Evasion: 5/5


Charming Aura: Santa Claus has a 30% chance to cause "conflicted" on an enemy who is about to attack him with a single target melee attack.

Teleport: 20% Chance to teleport his team away from an area attack therefor evading it for all the team

Snowfall: At the start of each round there is a 9% chance Santa Claus will cause Snowfall to fall, this applies Chilled to all targets who are are not phased, protecting or shielded.

Fireproof: Santa Claus is immune to fire damage attacks.

Nimble: 50% chance to avoid ranged and melee attacks

Levitate: 30% chance to avoid ground attacks


Level1: Two tons sleight throw.

No cooldown reduction. Santa Claus slows his 2 tons sleight on the enemy team. It has very low accuracy. It is catastrophic and it applies Pressure Points. It is a single target attack.

Level2: Naughty or Nice.

Enemy debuff. Single target. Santa Claus judges the enemy and decides if the enemy was Naughty or Nice. 50%chance for each outcome. Quick Action, no cooldown reduction. It can be used  three times in a row. 

If Naughty, the enemy gains 5 random debuffs.

If Nice the enemy gains an extra turn.

Level6: Presents for all.

Buff ability. Affects all allies and all "Nice" enemies. 

It applies ten random beneficial buffs on all allies each and to all "Nice" enemies.

It also has a 20% chance to provide an extra turn for all allies. 

If all enemies have "Nice" on them, then Santa Clauss provides Christmas treats to all, self, allies and enemies, restoring some health and stamina to everyone.

Level9: Toy bags

Area attack. Santa Claus throws several bags of toys to the enemy team. These bags apply a variety of debuffs to the enemy team and cause medium damage. There is a 10% chance the enemies will skip the next turn because they will want to play with their new toys.

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