The matters:

Training takes too much time.

Also the number of heroes has increased drastically ever since the game was first released.

The solution?

Do you think it would be a good idea if we had the opportunity to train two of them simultaneously?

Or just reduce the time needed for training?

On top of that do you think it would be possible to cover the needs for training costs with the resource provided for "free" in game like shield points and silver?

Also training heroes you might not be interested in, is a must do now since heroic battles might demand your least favourtie hero (mr,fantastic). Additionally training is essential since leveling up your heroes provides extra pvp bonuses... 

I just wanna see what you guys think?  I wanna see if I am the only one in need of a second training line!

In my opinion training takes too much time and especially now I have all of my heroes needed for training except of mr.fantastic who finished training a couple of hours before.

I could cover the expenses for training but I bet playdom would find a way to make the second training que more costly and more time consuming than the original one if they are ever going to release such a feature for the game...

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