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    OK I have read this article:

    And by reading this article I get a general idea of having a new covert task hero release and the hero hinted in this article is just SCREAMING to be Tilda Johnson / Nightshade!!

    Similarities: /

    1.subject highly aggressive and elusive > Nightshade is a very good athlete, brilliant scientist, has access to a wide array of weaponry that can aid her in not being detected. she can even use pheromones to control others

    2.subject displays clas strength and durability > Nightshade's Battle Armor / Humanoid robots

    3.Subject humanoid > displays metamorhphosis properties

    4.reference code: NIGHTSHADE QUORUM > direct reference to a code name of Tilda Johnson


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    White Tiger

    Short Storyline : When the High Evolutionary evolved a wolf into a powerful creature called the Man-Beast, his creation turned evil, and escaped. High Evolutionary created a second evolved animal to catch his rogue wolf. He evolved a white Bengal tigress into a woman, whom he named the White Tiger.

    DUAL CLASS: main Infiltrator secondary Blaster Gains both benefits and disadvantages from both classes!


    HP.> Very Low

    Stamina > Medium

    Attack > High

    Accuracy > High

    Defence > Low

    Evasion > Very High


    1. [1][2]  Animosity: 

    Attacks generate additional stacks of bleeding

    2. [3][4] Cruelty:

    Gains a damage boost after attacking a bleeding enemy. This effect stacks up to three times!

    3. [5][6]  Red In Tooth:'''

    Gaining health when attacki…

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    Happy Holidays

    December 25, 2013 by Charalambous.dimitris

    I just wanted to start this blog so everyone can start wishing Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year etc to everyone they wish to

    I also wanted to share my best wishes with everyone her. I want to wish you all to have the best of joy, health and happiness in life and that you have a wonderful life with your families. I also want to wish the best of grades for those people who are studying and of course the best of luck in daily/pvp spins of MAA and whenever you open lockboxes to have the minimum duplicates receiving rating! 

    TODAY is Xmas day so have fun celebrating it! :D

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    The Power  Armors are available for purchase for a limited time! Well at least there blueprints are! You will have to do the research! It states that there will be a new Power Armor blueprint each day!

    Additionally they are on SALE from 64 gold at 57!!

    For today we got the Infiltrator Armor. 

    If you badly need an Infiltrator Agent then hurry up and grab this Armor as soon as possible! :D

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    Ehm I have noticed that new people here get a welcome message with links to the rules, tutorials and FAQs of this wikia. This is quite useful actually!

    Is this a new idea?

    It is a pitty I did not get any... :(

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