Here's my method of bringing the current GB from 100-0.

Why this works?

recharging doesn't cause GB to flee

Subtle prevents GB from fleeing

High damage output that does not require Crits


Pesti Beast

Invisible Woman

Agent - Tact's empowered armour with Quick Empowered ISO is highly recommended to speed things up. W/O it will be slower

Doombringer or Pneumatic Pnailer or both

Xanthing Alkaloid Injector (Optional)

Round 1:

IW: Force Cage

Beast: Masque of the Red Death

Agent: Xanthine (Quick Action) + Doombringer

If Hybrid goes before IW but after Beast, use Masque in round 2 instead and recharge in round 1.

Round 2:

IW: Force Cage

Beast: Recharge/Masque of the Red Death

Agent: Xanthine (Quick Action) + Momentary Advantage (Quick Action) + 2X Doombringer

Round 3:

IW: Force Cage

Beast: Recharge/Masque of the Red Death

Agent: Xanthine (Quick Action) + Doombringer

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until damage is high enough

Round 4 (When damage output is high enough)

IW: Recharge

Beast: Recharge

Agent: Pnailer

How this works?

Doombringer/Pnailer stacks multiple times, increasing your damage to obscene levels

Quick Actions cause Pnailers damage to stack much faster

Pnailer counters when hit by single target attack

Agent recharging will not affect the fight much. IW running low on Stamina will be a big problem though, use Xanthine to recharge her stamina.

I don't have all the above items. What can I do?

Unfortnuately, this will not work without pest beast.

IW is a must

Doombringer can be farmed. Pnailer cannot be attained at this point in time. Without the Pnailer, bring your strongest weapon and keep stacking Doombringer until you can see that your damage has the potential to wipe out Hybrid. PKB has recommended the Golden Screaming Eagle to be brought in if you do not have the Pnailer. 

I have personally never tried GSE so please let me know in the comments below if you do.


Thanks to PKB for all his blogs on bringing Group Bosses from 100-0

The Forums. Seriously, nuggets of wisdoms can really be found there.

Please maintain group boss ettiqute!!!

Do not kill your own hybrid, allow your friends to get some bonus loot!!!

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