• Chaosjash

    Hybrid GB 100-0

    May 27, 2014 by Chaosjash

    Here's my method of bringing the current GB from 100-0.

    Why this works?

    recharging doesn't cause GB to flee

    Subtle prevents GB from fleeing

    High damage output that does not require Crits


    Pesti Beast

    Invisible Woman

    Agent - Tact's empowered armour with Quick Empowered ISO is highly recommended to speed things up. W/O it will be slower

    Doombringer or Pneumatic Pnailer or both

    Xanthing Alkaloid Injector (Optional)

    Round 1:

    IW: Force Cage

    Beast: Masque of the Red Death

    Agent: Xanthine (Quick Action) + Doombringer

    If Hybrid goes before IW but after Beast, use Masque in round 2 instead and recharge in round 1.

    Round 2:

    IW: Force Cage

    Beast: Recharge/Masque of the Red Death

    Agent: Xanthine (Quick Action) + Momentary Advantage (Quick Action) + 2X Doombr…

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