aka Cesar Gonzalez

  • I live in Tijuana Baja California - México
  • I was born on August 17
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Cesarlossus

    [1]  Steel Fortress
    Buff 2 turns
     Protects allies from single-target attacks for the first three rounds of combat Takes reduced damage

    obviously a Tank, i used to run only Health/Def iso .. Waste of time and silver.

    Agent PKB make me got a different point of view, Ok colossus is already a Tank, why put more Def iso?

    And i finish putting:

    - 2 Refined Violent Iso-8 Crystal (Attack +45/ Accuaracy + 45)

    -1 Steady Iso-8 Shard (Health +87/ Attack +17/ Accuaracy +17)

    -5 Masterful Iso-8 Shard(Stamina +87/ Attaack +17/ Accuaracy +17)

    Result: ¨A BEAST!¨ Receives and gives a lot of damage.===

    [2]  Phoenix Potential: Guardian Force

     Allies have a chance to unleash Phoenix power each turn Restores Health and Stamina

     Reduces damage taken by 50% for one round

    Well …

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