This blog post is a summary of the environment I play in and the actions I took in the game. It will be usefull to establish the baseline my observations come from: obviously the metagame observed and the choices possible for a beginner player are different from those a veteran spartan faces.



I've been a Facebook Marvel Avengers alliance user since at least 2 April 2012, as I remember Playdom applying the patch which added "Lead the Charge" (always go first) to Cpt. America.

I have played PVE pretty casually until SpecOps 5 (I was still able to complete SpecOps 1 through 4, but five starring them or farming gear was out of the question), without focusing on keeping my heroes well leveled or farming gear, Silver, SP or CP.

From SpecOps 5 onward I begun putting more effort in PVE, farming the SpecOps, keeping a healthy amount of allies, farming them daily, focusing on worthwile daily gifts and farming CP efficiently.

Around SpecOps 13 (Infinity) I began farming Group Bosses for Silver in an efficient way (using 100-0 methods like Electrostatic arm and later Deadpool and later on Pneumatic Pnailer -yes, I copied all PKB's suggestions-).

Agent Level

I have reached level 300 before PVP 10 (August 2013).


I pretty much completely skipped PVP until Season 7. From that season throughut Season 10 I had results all over the place (Vibranium, Diamond, Silver, Adamantium). From Season 11 I managed to put my ducks in a row and had stable Vibraniums until Season 14. From Season 15 onward I reliably got into Adamantium, which became somewhat lazy Adamantiums since the level-capped Pre PVPs.

Hero Roster

From March 27th 2013 (Black Knight) I've been able to buy every hero and limited alt as soon as it was available, the publishing of Season 1 Chapter 12 in April 2013 allowed me shortly after to have all the remaining non limited alts.

Usually I try to get alternate alts as soon as they come out, unless that drops me outside of the comfortable 300 CP buffer (at the time of me writing this I am sitting on 800+ CP).

I have had all the heroes fully leveled to 14 (barring the newly acquired heroes in the process of being leveled) since August 19 2014 (Medusa).


I am a gold buyer during sales, and I spend it in Premium Gear, Premium E-ISO and A-ISO. I seldom buy 2g Armory Item.

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