I Changed Everything that is written in this blog and make it kinda more like a guide i did and for this SO to be in the mobile versions on the game so that players will kinda not waste much U-Isos.

The 1st Set of Tasks:

Hints :

Try to 2 or maybe 3 star Mission 1 while waiting for the research to finish

EMP Sweeper is good for the PvP Armory +3820 OFF +3820 DEF ( I don't know if this is accurate)

1. Hunt the Hunters

  • Defeat 5 Sentinels 

Pretty Straightforward 

2. Shield in the Field

  •  Complete 2 Deploys

This can be done outside the Ops but Boomboxes drop in Deploys too and there are no tasks,,,

3. Follow the Cracks

  • Engage in Combat with the Living Pharoah
  • Engage in Combat with Sugar Man

I see PD changed their wordings on "Defeat Miniboss" etc. This means to Defeat them 

4. Featherless Flight

  • Defeat Sauron

Finally he's here been waiting for him since they announced Shanna. I hope Ka-zar is near 

5. The Doctor is in

  • Defeat Mr. Sinister 

He is in the Med Category strength for me but he isn't that hard.

6. Deep Fried Circuits

  • Research the EMP Sweeper

That Ends the 1st set and we wait for 8 hrs for the next set of tasks.

The 2nd Set of Tasks

Hints :

Try do a second run of Mission 2 and load upto the Prime Sentinels Miniboss 

and Remeber always accept your 50 U-Isos from gifts ( this was bugged and then they released a 50 U-Isos link in FB)

7. Wideawake

  • Complete a fight against Bastion

The Good thing is taking down at least 5% of Bastion HP gives 1 Boombox

8. Running Interference

  • Defeat 5 Sentinels
  • Defeat 5 Test Subjects

Sometimes some of these doesn't show up on the Map early so complete it anyway we need the stars.

9.  Mission Accomplished

  • get 2 Stars of  Mastery in Mission 1

Read the Hint :D

10. Incoming!

  • Use Cannonball in Combat

The only Team-up he has in MIssion 2 is against Toad. 

11. Personnel Bubble

  • Create Cuff Guard in the Lab

Try to 2 or 3 stars MIssion 2 while waiting for the research to finish ( 8 hrs) 

The 3rd Set of Tasks


If you followed my Guides form previous set of tasks you are in your second run and you can defeat Mystique by 3-birding her and Toad with Blob and in Wave 2 if you don' kill her early she will summon Blob and Toad. Attempting this might reward you with 2 or 3 stars if you did Epic run on your 1st run.

12. Systematic Annihilation

  • Complete 3 fights Against Bastion

You can complete this by attacking your allies' GB

13. Prime Targets

  • Defeat the Prime Sentinels

This is where we test Avalanche

14. Reason with Raven

  • Confront Mystique in Combat

Magneto is the Team-up 

15. Victory 

  • Win 3 PvP battles

You can do this in Practice

16. Keeping in Touch

  • Create Cuff Interface in the Lab

Again with that 12 hrs research

The 4th Set of Tasks.

17. On All Fronts

  • Defeat 5 Sentinels
  • Defeat 3 Hellfire Club Soldiers
  • Defeat 3 test Subjects

You Can all do this in 1 threat and maybe the Sentinels in 2 Threats 

18. Mission Accomplished

  • Get 2 Stars of Mastery in Mission 2

By doing the Epic run on your 1st run you probably have 3 stars or almost 3

19. Coming in Hot!

  • Use Cannonball's "Coming Through"  in combat (x2)
  • Use Cannonball's "Crash Landing" in Combat 

Cannonball is A team-up against Mystique and the Chrono something helps here

20. Recalibrated

  • Comple 5 Fights Against Bastion

Again you can do this in your Allies' GB

21. Wearable Warfare

  • Create Cuff L.I.N.C. in the Lab

12 hrs reseach attempt to make 2 second run here so you can eventually earn 3 stars in no time

The Last Set of Tasks


Sebastian Shaw is Tough ( For Me) and Try to attempt 3 stars in all MIssions

22. Avalanche Watch

  • Protect Avalanche from Mystique
  • Protect Avalanche from Dragoness

Translation : Defeat them

23. The Black King

  • Defeat Sebastian Shaw

Attempting to 3-bird this might take time

24. Special Operative

  • Complete 3 Stars of Mastery in All Spec Ops 19 Missions

This should be Completed once you acquire this

25. Decommisioned

  • Defeat Bastion

The Epic Boss in Mission 2 is Bastion, this cannot be done in Group boss, The Required Heroes are Daimon Hellstorm, NightCrawler, and Hogun, this requires 160 U-ISos (if 3bird) to complete the Epic Run).

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