• CardAssault1o1

    Description :                                           Goons : Hellfire, Beta Test Subjects Threats : Lowx2 Medx2 Highx3

    Green Goblin Tries to save                    Minboss 1 : Mystique                         Deploys :

    his Test Subjects with the                      Team-up : Avalance                           Any Infiltrator : 1 battle

    bizzare serum and tries to                     Miniboss 2 : Selene                             Any Hero : 3 Battles

    take the hellfire club                              Team-up : Emma Frost                       Phoenix : 2 Battles

    by force.                                                Boss : Venom                                     Ares : 1 Battle


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  • CardAssault1o1

    I Changed Everything that is written in this blog and make it kinda more like a guide i did and for this SO to be in the mobile versions on the game so that players will kinda not waste much U-Isos.

    Hints :

    Try to 2 or maybe 3 star Mission 1 while waiting for the research to finish

    EMP Sweeper is good for the PvP Armory +3820 OFF +3820 DEF ( I don't know if this is accurate)

    1. Hunt the Hunters

    • Defeat 5 Sentinels 

    Pretty Straightforward 

    2. Shield in the Field

    •  Complete 2 Deploys

    This can be done outside the Ops but Boomboxes drop in Deploys too and there are no tasks,,,

    3. Follow the Cracks

    • Engage in Combat with the Living Pharoah
    • Engage in Combat with Sugar Man

    I see PD changed their wordings on "Defeat Miniboss" etc. This means to Defeat them 

    4. Fea…

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