So a new weapon has come up for sale. Assuming you have a little gold saved up, and you're wondering if it's going to be your badass weapon of choice, chances are, it's not.

Why not?

  1. Because you can get weapons during gameplay that are also good, and that are dialled up your level.
  2. A few weapons that come up for sale are actually in the game. For example, former PVP prizes are available from incursion roulettes (the drop rate isn't great, but doesn't cost gold)
  3. You only have 4 slots. If there's a new weapon you like better, voila, your 64g just sits in the armory gathering dust.
  4. Particularly if you're low level, you will outlevel the weapon, meaning it stays at the level you got it, and you'll get other weapons later on that do more damage.

So how can you spot a good one? Here are some hints based on what I have seen in the game so far. The most important things to look for are:

  • Quick Action
  • Cooldown (how many rounds)
  • Protect
  • Passives (to yourself or to your team)
  • Damage (power, area)
  • Counterattack and/or Follow up attack
  • Synergy with your weapons or your favourite heroes
  • Popularity

Some more detail about what I mean:

On the Box

Quick Action

Items with Quick Action are extremely valuable in combat because they don't consume your turn, and yet they create some benefit to you or negative effect to the opposing team. Seriously consider

Cool Down

The best items are 1 or 2 rounds cool down. If it's a very powerful weapon, or has Quick Action (see above) then you might see cooldown of 3 or 4 rounds. Could be a deal breaker


If you don't have a protecting weapon, you should get at least one. There aren't that many and they can provide good advantages for messing with your opponent's strategy, particularly given the fact that your Agent is the most configurable member of the team. Seriously consider

Passives / Healing

New weapons have passives to make them more attractive. Pay attention to whether it's a passive just for you or for your team. Some passives, like immunity to a certain type of damage, can be great. Also any healing type weapons are very beneficial because they keep you going. But pay attention to what kind of heals, sometimes it's a percentage of health, and sometimes it's tied to your attack stats. Some are good to have


This one is a bit tricky because the weapon is acquired at your level, so you'll have to try to compare it with another weapon at the around the same level. Most weapons with good passives or buffs will have reduced damage. Also, you'll note that a lot of weapons that damage all enemies (Area of Effect, or AoE) tend to have reduced damage per person. The other related concept here is how much and how badly it Crits on impact. Deadly crits are the best. Not so important

That said, some weapons do zero damage, they are gears or passives or effects, so you don't outlevel them. Good to have

Counter-attack or Follow-up Attack

If a weapon can counter or follow up, it's a good bonus but not a deal breaker. If it's a weapon that counters area attacks, even better. If it's an AoE weapon that counters area weapons, even better, but unlikely to deal serious damage. Not so important



This topic is a bit more subjective and will entirely depend on you. The ones that are part of a weapon set will obviously have synergy with the other pieces of the set, and if you can get the other pieces then you should consider getting the 4th. The passives (discussed above) are a large factor in determining the synergy. If you prefer melee characters and the passive increases melee attacks, then it has good synergy with your characters.

As another example, if you like to use characters that exploit, such as Exploit Opportunity or Paragon Exploiter or Exploits Bleeds to name a few, then you can get some synergy right there with heroes/weapons that provide the thing to exploit.

Common or Popular

If this weapon crops up in discussions a lot, or is a particular pain in your backside, you should seriously consider getting it. If you've never heard of it, and it's not QA or Protect, then don't bother, wait until it's been played with by others and then comes back on sale. For the majority, they won't be back on sale, or they'll prove to be meh.


Scroll of Angolob it's QA, 3 round cooldown, can't outlevel, removes all debuffs from your team and removes all buffs from the other team. What's not to love?

Scroll of Ocirebi Nomaj 3 round cooldown, heals the team, removes debuffs, and applies Soulfire to the other team, which removes their buffs. It's good, but not QA.

Neurotrope it's QA, 3 round cooldown, can't outlevel, gives your team a whole stack of buffs including Combat Awareness.

Signpost it's QA, 1 round cooldown, unavoidable AOE damage, can't outlevel, and heals the Agent

Reboot it's QA, 1 round cooldown, and immune to bleeding burning and chilled.

Mystic the main point of this weapon is the Mystic Shroud, a team passive that prevents debuffs for one round. Gives you a big leg up

Warbringer Axe the main point of this weapon is the team passive Warbound

A note about PVP
This is the most important point, so I've left it to the end. The ONLY reason to pay gold for a weapon is if you're into PVP. But before you pay gold for weapons, you should use your gold to stock the armory, because this makes a much bigger difference than the weapons you use.

And thats pretty much it. Now that I've convinced you to save your gold, check out this great post: How to Spend Your Gold (as a Non-Paying Player) detailing what you can/should spend it on.

As always, feel free to add your feedback in the comments.

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