• Canspell

    So a new weapon has come up for sale. Assuming you have a little gold saved up, and you're wondering if it's going to be your badass weapon of choice, chances are, it's not.

    Why not?

    1. Because you can get weapons during gameplay that are also good, and that are dialled up your level.
    2. A few weapons that come up for sale are actually in the game. For example, former PVP prizes are available from incursion roulettes (the drop rate isn't great, but doesn't cost gold)
    3. You only have 4 slots. If there's a new weapon you like better, voila, your 64g just sits in the armory gathering dust.
    4. Particularly if you're low level, you will outlevel the weapon, meaning it stays at the level you got it, and you'll get other weapons later on that do more damage.

    So ho…

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