Hey guys , this is the First blog I write and I wanted to show you guys a few PVP team option which you can make good use of.


  First of all, Let us figure out different organized patterns of hero class in PVP teams. I divide them into 4 patterns: Full Load, Single protector, Baby sitting, and back-to-back .


  Full load means to have every each of your hero in your team with the same class. This kind of team can be dangerous and risky as well. If you were carriyng a full loaded- blaster team and encountered a Full-loaded bruiser team, it is your lucky day. But imagine if you met a full loaded -tactician team, your are dead meat. So, this can be either a great team with all of your heroes gaining class bonus or you can be vulnerable because your opponent is having all the advantages. IF you insist to bring a full loaded team, make sure they will survive long enough even under your opponent class bonus, or just make it a full loaded- generalist team, it is up to you.


  This one is similiar to the full loaded one but a bit different is that, only two of your heroes or a hero with your agent belongs to the same class and the remianing one belongs to the class which counters their counter class. For example, Infiltrator agent, Infiltrator hero plus a bruiser Hero. The bruiser will work as a protector to clear the scrappers in his infiltrator buddy's way. That is a bit less risky than Full load.====


  Another type of converse of Full load, this time, two of the members in your team will be the protector of the remaining member. For example, Bruiser agent, Tactician hero, Tactician hero. This kind of pattern give the Bruiser agent utmost support and protection. Quite useful but you will better beware of the infiltrators.But before your Bruiser agent die, I am pretty sure the blaster will be killed already.


  Ah, my favourite pattern, I use this all the time unless I found my heroes don't fit in this. Back-to-back is like each hero watch out for the others back but the main disadvantage is one of your member will have no support. E.g. Infiltrator, blaster, scrapper . As you see, the blaster protect the scrapper against the bruisers, the infiltrator protects the blaster against the tactician, but the Infiltrator will receive no support from the others so make sure your exposed hero is good enough or else you will get picked one-by-one. The AI won't know how to fight like this but a player sure does.


This maybe bugging a lot of people cuz, they don't know which hero should be paired up with who! Here are a few choices for you and if you don't agree with me, leave a comment and tell me your opinion. If you have more suggestions, leave a comment as well. Let's get this underway.

THE SPIDER ON THE SHIELD- WWII CAP, SPIDERMAN months ago, spidey and cap were the most deadly team in PVP history. Both of them protect each other and when I meet them in PVP 10 months ago, over half of my brain cells died instantly, and I felt like, 'DAFUQ?' Now, there were better options but they are still good. Spiderman works as a supporter and Cap works at a tank. Both of them got decent stat at the begining so it is useful for the low level players who can't find the most suitable iso for their other potential heroes


  Another decent team. Chaos shield plus shield guard, forcing us to only hit cap, and hang the chaos shield on the others. Healing instead of hurting, a bugger. This is quite an invincible team at around lv.90. I once fought this before I have my own team now and ended up an epic failer. I like scarlett witch a lot with her hex spheres. Each time your opinion miss an attack, It was counted as a back fire, nice. Again, my own experience, I applied a penance stare at witch and it backfired for 10000+ damage to my Ghost rider.WWII can prevent witch from being killed without leaving any thing left for the opponent to worry about. The Arcane blast was pretty good for dealing damage but the AI never use it and I don't recommend you to use cuz hex is way better than other debuffs.


  This is great to use. Imagine yourself facing a team like that, you had plenty of damge dealt at them and you can never kill them. Suddenly, the agent pop out with a group healing item. Your mind will simply gone ASTRAY. GR's infernal contract provides him 50% chane of not dying, WC Phoenix gain a phoenix rebirth every time she uses a phoenix fire which is annoying and Valkyrie's Death watch. If you have an agent with the Odin staff, PERFECT.  But, two of them are special OP character so maybe a WC Phoenix and an agent with Odin staff can do the trick.


  Unlikely to be killed, honestly. I love them, both of them are awesome. IW hits hard when Colossus takes the hit. You will be delighted to see the damage dealt by your opponents on Colossus. PROBABLY 0 when IW shared the future.  The most important thing in this build is to boost Colossus's defence, health, accuracy, IW's health, attack and accuracy. You can get IW to be either class but if you wanted to be less hit, go for the blaster one and it had a big benifit to crit on brusier with IGNORE DEFENCE. After you boosted her attack, she can be deadly. Recommended for a defence team along side with the immortals.


  I love QS, bought him on the day he was released. Used him exclusively in the following month. I once used him against torch and Emma, all of the other die and he is the only one left with 5 stacks of quickness. Emma was an Infiltrator. I hit emma time after time and they can't even touch me, I won at last. But after four months, things have changed. The rise of GR brought a lot of trouble for QS lovers.

When you met a GR along side with an Infiltrator and your QS is having the first two turn (as always), you will stack up to 4 stacks of sin immediately and the possibility of being killed during the first turn is 90%. You need someone to save your QS by stunning the GR and finish him off quickly and it have to be a bruiser. Cap-B is your Mr.right. He can stun and stack the debuffs on GR and at least for another turn. Can't help much here.


Both of them are some of my favourite characters cuz they are dangerous in every way. Havok's Plasma Spheres is good, It applies pressure point which can cause dizzy, weaken, slowed and exposed. This saved a lot of time since a hit from cap B will instantly add curse of the other world or if you have reached lv 9+, Britannic and Finish the Guy. Try to make use of MAHAYUGA on this occasion, it will exploit the weaken. Pretty straightforward, but useful.


  SCRAPPERS, remember, scrappers. If you don't want to be hit all the time. It will be useless if you made them both infiltrators, they will be hit by scrappers anyway. But, if your like them to counter, and make them more worthy for their protection passive, Infiltrator is also favourable. Like I said before, they protect and dodge, pissing off your opponent. I love tingling sensation, it is so good and your team will survive long enough for 'THE FUTURE IS HERE'. Simple and effective, good thing about scrappers are, their class penalty can be avoided. I recommended you guys to have the NC an infiltrator and spidey a scrapper since Whiff of Brimstone wil make NC continue DODGING and he can counter.


  Another dreadful team of heroes, we definitely don't need BC to be a scrapper since the limit of stacks of bleeding on one target is 3 and one strike will do the job. We would want NC to be a scrapper on this case because a follow-up class bonus+ Unexpected strike= 2 or 3 stacks of bleeding instanly. TWO of your opponents party members are bleeding profusely right now. Go into round two and finish one of them with stroke of luck+ nerve chop . NC can go on hemorrhaging your target and killed them in no time.


  To be honest, I found nothing special with Hank at first, no great attack stat to start with, lack in health and stamina, a punt. But after a bit of discussion with PKB, I found him interesting. His Goliath punch with all the exploit is deadly. To make this team more powerful, you have to use MANVANTARA to cause most of the debuff exploited by Hank and turns after turns, Hank will finish his analysis and crit everyone. G punch is his default counter and coordinate move (dunno later, but it is for now) but he is not an Ifiltrator or I don't have any avengers uniform to make him coordinate, what should I do? That's why we need Psylocke. Her Mental coordination boosts all the stat of all allies and great chance to perform a follow up attack after an ally's single-target attack. DECENT for Hank to perform his SIGNATURE MOVE, G-PUNCH.


  Black widow and Hawkeye, great team up  in PVE as well as in PVP. Make use of BW's widow marker and Hawk's Pinpoint target. Both of them can make the attacks guaranteed to hit, targeted is even better, guaranteed to both hit and crit. Heroic age haweye do some superb stuff, I admired his loaded quiver, they caused nasty debuffs on targets. I choosed blaster just to make his attacks better. BW double agent is always in my ideal offensive team, stack up the attack and flying kick,flying kick and flying kick all around, they are terrifying.

Although they can make every shot count, becareful of heavy hammers, both of them have low health and defense so they can be ko'ed easily. BOOST and I mean it, BOOST HAWK's health and attack, HE CAN BE THE PERFECT ASSAIN WITH THE RIGHT BUILD OF ISO.


  This is from a comment below. Like he/her said, they boosts each other's defence and evasion. Stone is lack in evasion and spidey is lack in defend, they will help out each other. I think it will also be a pretty tough team to beat.

With Stone's stonewall, he can't dodge, so the evasion will not be necessary. But I am interested in spidey's great  responsibility. He protects, dodge if the evasion was boosts by the tingling sensation, if he was against scrappers, he will be hit but the defence will be very very useful. They protected each other too, so, this built up is interesting.


This is from a comment below, people have very good comments and helped me a lot... QS, blue alt, keep it scrapper. I dunno why some people change him to generalist, with the blue alt, scrapper of course, he became the new PVP hero most favoured not named Emma Frost. He stacks quickness with his L1 skill. Base damge is low. That's why we need BW. Mark for revenge, increase damage output.

I have mentioned about the issue on GR before and I think I have made a mistake..... That team up I've mentioned before is highly turn dependent.... BW will work better for me since the widow maker can have better chance on stunning. But honestly, I have only seen my GR in PVP so far, dosen't seem many of us got one. 

Furthermore, they are both stealthy, I guess many of you won't use one mile punch by yourself when you have the blue alt. So we don't have to worry the least about counter and protection. Simple.


Simply outstandiing. With these two, you can have the maximum advantage of class bonus. They changes class, not randomly, that's what make it so sensational. Vision can counter his own original counter class. Omega works as a cycle: Scrappers protects the tactician, Tac protects the Bruiser. And Vision's blaster protects the Omega's scrappers class. These team up is decent but difficult to get, one from lock box, one from special op. I already got vision, but still working on the Omega, One cover left, good luck for me.

They also have very dangerous ability, some may piss you off e.g. NANOHEAL ARRAY. The meaning of true classy hero's, are these two. Personally, I think they are better than Mocking bird. 

If you have any suggestion, Please leave a comment, I will look through your advice and find a way to further interpret it. THX

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