April 10, 2013 by CHELSEAFANZ

    Hey guys , this is the First blog I write and I wanted to show you guys a few PVP team option which you can make good use of.

      First of all, Let us figure out different organized patterns of hero class in PVP teams. I divide them into 4 patterns: Full Load, Single protector, Baby sitting, and back-to-back .

      Full load means to have every each of your hero in your team with the same class. This kind of team can be dangerous and risky as well. If you were carriyng a full loaded- blaster team and encountered a Full-loaded bruiser team, it is your lucky day. But imagine if you met a full loaded -tactician team, your are dead meat. So, this can be either a great team with all of your heroes gaining class bonus or you can be vulnerable because your…

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