this is my first blog,this blog dedicated for player who want conserve their uiso while maintain their score as high as possible, okay here we go.


1. get your u-iso.

2. SO

2.15. SO Game on

3. out of topic tips

4. credits

1. Get your Uiso

uiso is your fuel for this event, you really need much of it and try to conserve it, if you want to fast recruit the SO heroes.

  1. visit ally (yield 30-60 uiso per day)
  1. daily gift (50 uiso per day)
  2. gold (bad ass ways, 1 gold=10 uiso)
  3. Fight (i think 1 uiso per battle)
  4. SO normal deploy and specific deploy (normal 1uiso and spec yield 20 uiso)
  5. boss or epic boss roulette/spin (20 uiso or sometime 40 for epic boss)
  6. external link(search on google for that which give you uiso and you can check the MAA fanpage everyday, often once on a week)

2. SO

 2.15 Game On​

  1. first mission: *full run: *140(with epic 160 uiso) run on epic twice so i had no idea about run on uiso saving mode, things you need is do fight on threat and rarely deploy, even on low threat yield much score rather than do deploy(one two or three battle didnt affect deploy score they are same score,), *effective run: coming soon.
  2. second mission: *full run: 140, i realize before fighting emma(boss),*effective run: 100 uiso, there is 1 low and mid threat and 2 deploy(in this case i conserve 40 uiso), its possible you spent 90 uiso on this mission or less uiso.
  3. third mission: *full run 120(according data i see), remember do more fights and less deploy, more score better. *effective run: 90uiso, do five high threat put 2 deploy and do 2 mid threat, voila the boss will appear.

3. Out of Topic Tips

  1. kill grup boss, GB often present with SO, kill GB to get much silver for training fund: 1. agent with galvanic and electrostatic arm(galvan arm on premium mssion chapter 3 and elecs on 6.3) this is a MUST HAVE and SURE KILL trick, damage amplifier or power of four is optional, 2. for hero use angel, cable or doc voodoo for extra turn.
  2. aim for 4 star each SO mission (3 free gold)
  3. if you on research didnt do SO even there are another LB task if present.
  4. no need for rush,  i often finished SO task 25 on 6 days or less after SO starts. just take your time, farm cp if you dont have required hero, use 25 gold for last task IF FORCED TO, assuming your on near end day SO. gold was very rare and expensive, and SO dark world is special one,i never take 50 uiso on daily gift cuz really disappointed about how bad the gear sets are,i just take 50 small energy every day, even 5 star all of it(maybe luck from visit ally).
  5. maximize score on battle, use best combination/team up(for score), never recharge, one shot kill(hard?, yeah i knew it), overkill(massive, epic)and never being hits.

4. Credits

  1. MAA wikia, this where my blog posted, and readed by you.
  2. Superex, for "make a blog on that" and
  3. you, yeah i mean you, thanks for reading and i be glad if some of people helped by this humble blog.
  4. me, meh just nobody, 0,01% on this whole universe fill with genius.


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