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    Fast run for SO

    December 19, 2013 by Brutcher

    this is my first blog,this blog dedicated for player who want conserve their uiso while maintain their score as high as possible, okay here we go.


    1. get your u-iso.

    2. SO

    2.15. SO Game on

    3. out of topic tips

    4. credits

    1. Get your Uiso

    uiso is your fuel for this event, you really need much of it and try to conserve it, if you want to fast recruit the SO heroes.

    1. visit ally (yield 30-60 uiso per day)
    1. daily gift (50 uiso per day)
    2. gold (bad ass ways, 1 gold=10 uiso)
    3. Fight (i think 1 uiso per battle)
    4. SO normal deploy and specific deploy (normal 1uiso and spec yield 20 uiso)
    5. boss or epic boss roulette/spin (20 uiso or sometime 40 for epic boss)
    6. external link(search on google for that which give you uiso and you can check the MAA fanpage eveā€¦

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