Hi everybody:

             I don´t know if any one is going to care, but I was thinking that there are several classic marvel                                  superheroes that are not avaible for gameplay or that are even considered for the future.

1- Blade, vampire hunter

Dont know him? Doesn´t matter, neither does half of the world. Let´s be quick: After his mother was slew by a vampire, Erik Brooks was born with inmunity to normal vampire abilities (bites, poison, etc) and has dedicated his life to mass murder the vampire existance. His powers and abilities includes healing factor, super strength and stamina, supernatural senses, not including his high martial arts training and sword and guns expierence.ImageDeletionNotice

2- Captain Marvel, protector of the universe

Just to be clear, this is MARVEL, no DC. There a huge difference. Our Captain Marvel is a Kree humanoid that once dedicated his life to defend earth and the universe from any kind of meneace could exist, until the villian Nitro exposed him to a neve gas that finally killed him (cancer). Don´t know how he´s going to be introduced in the game (if ever), but Mar-vell´s super strength and force bolts will be welcome, indeed.                                                  

ImageDeletionNotice3- Falcon

I know, I know everybody has been asking when hw is going to appear, but nobody knows. Sam Wilson, better known as the Falcon, is a crime fighter and Captain America best friend (partner, whatever). He posses a telepathic link with any kind of avian life and is able to control it at his will. If you were not able to find out, YES, his suit allows him to fly.


4-Howard the Duck

Who looks like a duck, sounds like a duck but it´s not a duck? When this antropomorphic being was transported to our dimension, he was doomed to be "traped in a world he never made". Howard is an expert martial artist in the techniques of Quak Fu, making him an formidable hand-to-hand combatant.

Don´t care if you dont like him. A funny character like Howard deserves to appear in a videogame like Avengers Alliance.


Well, I hope you like this post. Please comment with your own ideas of who deserves to appear in Marvel:Avengers Alliance

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