• Brock Lee

    First, this is not...

    • a metaphysical, thought provoking post on self reflection.
    • a quote from dinosaur rock.
    • an into to any of the hundreds of variants of CSI.
    • a launching point to call you a nerd reading a blog about a video game.

    This is an outline of How PlayDom identifies you, and what you can and cannot do about it.

    The app running on your device requests quite a few permissions. The two relevant to how PlayDom identifies you are:

    • Read phone status and identity
    • Full network access

    Read phone status and identity give them permission to retrieve a value called your Android ID. That value, and that alone, is how PlayDom knows you. Network access is how that value gets back to their servers, where that value (or a hash of that value) is stored. Ea…

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  • Brock Lee

    Why is our player base dropping? Here are some thoughts.

    Some percentage of Android devices are lost, stolen, reset, or destroyed every day. The way PD has designed this game, that should equal the "baseline" expected player base loss on a daily basis.

    Two things work to counteract that loss

    1. Some people have discovered (likely due to this forum, but possibly on their own) that it is the Android ID value that identifies your game AND taken measures to back it up AND are willing/able to root a new device and restore that value to it counteract that rate.
    2. Some players (I am assuming a very low percentage, partly due to the next reason) that previously made significant progress and suffer device / account loss will be willing to start over.

    Even co…

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  • Brock Lee

    Forward: I only play MAA for Android, and this may or may not apply to the WP, iOS, or FB flavors of the game.

    You'll see a lot of people here discussing which heroes to level and when. Usually it is strength-of-hero based or class based for PvP bonus, or some other in-game based approach. I propose an alternate approach. I believe your first priority should be getting your first 8 heroes in your list to level 12 ASAP. Reason? Jet stroke conservation. At the time of this writing, getting my silver nut is still over 10k more flight deck deploys. Yours may be higher or lower. I'll use mine as an example here. Let's look at that in terms of taps & swipes...

    Assuming the Flight Deck as the starting point, the process of sending a hero on a fligh…

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