Hello,  it's BrigadierBenton here. And, due to the hero reviews page being closed, I've set up my own page for my reviews. I'll do them in sets of 5 & based on different themes each episode. Episode I is based on starting characters. Note: I'm a free player. No spec ops characters here.

Black Widow: Black Widow may seem useless in the beginning. No double attacks, no massive damage ratios. However, she can be good for weakening opponents, & setting up other characters, who can deal more damage. Flying kick is a good last resort, meaning Widow can hold her own for at least a while. After buying her avengers movie alt, I used her a lot more, slaying red hulks easily after Widow gives counter attacks to her allies. In summary, she can set 'em up, but not knock 'em down.

Hawkeye: Hawkeye has long had the unfortunate reputation for being 'the weakest avenger'. While he's not at the power level of Thor or Hulk, the Hawk can hold his own if isoed correctly. Hawkeye lacks two things-massive damage, and good statuses. When heavily attack isoed, Hawkeye can do huge amounts of damage with his level 1 alone. However, his 'all enemies' level 2 & his level 6 stun are absolutely usesless. His level 2 is pitiful, & his level 6 rarely stuns. However, in his Heroic Age suit, he will cause a different debuff whenever he attacks, gaining multiple hits. Sadly, he still appears to be a one-trick pony. A level one-trick pony.

Iron Man: The strongest starter, Iron Man goes from tank to useless, & back again. His level one does huge amounts of damage near the begining of the game. His level two causes burning, which is useful near the games beginning. His level six forcefield is solid, yet becomes obsolete in his mark V alt.  Problem is, the Tin Man can't stand the test of time. He's a great character, but not a great blaster. His blaster bonus is quite weak. However, if all else fails, the Tin Man is great for  when you run out of ideas. He's a great brick wall, especially with 2 forcefields. However, unlike most forcefield characters, he can also do just enougth damage to ensure his own survival.

Sif: Sif is a poor man's Thor. 'Nuff said. Both characters have uncannily similar abilities. level one-good. level 2-epic. level 6-status. level 9-bad. Sif suffers from the scrapper curse. But as a bruiser, her low attack can be boosted when enraged. Her alt ability, when used with her level 6, can cause devastating damage, essentially providing a critical hit buff twice. However, her level one pales in comparison to her level two, which you'll use too many times. like hawkeye, Sif is a one-trick pony.

She Hulk: Every beginner needs a bruiser. It's one of the two types you don't start with. She hulk, like sif, is a poor man's avenger, however this time, she's a poor man's hulk. However, unlike the jolly green giant, She-Hulk gains two turns in a row. However, like sif, one of her attacks, (her level six) is hopeless. Like ironman, her type boost is useless. Like hawkeye, she becomes a one trick pony after you've used her level six. Sadly, Shulk is one of the weaker bruisers, & a combination of other's faults. Ihope she's reworked soon.

That concludes part I of my hero reviews. I hope you've enjoyed it. Next time, I review the X-men.

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