Hi there, BrigadierBenton here. Welcome to episode 3 of the Hero Almanac. In today's episode, I review the Fantastic 4/Future Foundation. I've always found the team to be, well, pretty useless in the big scheme of things, or at least, they are in the comic books. I'll review them all except Spider-Man, but I've got someone  very  special to fill this episodes' 5th slot.....

Mr.Fantastic: Yes, his name doesn't exactly describe his abilities, yet Reed is as good a tactician as any. His stretch punch causes distraction, which will stall his opponents for a while. Multistrike can give a combo setup, which Tumble exploits, & teamed up with other 'exploit combo' or deadly crits, such as Iron fist, can wreck an opponent's health bar. From there on out it's rinse, lather, repeat. Malleable means he can take hits, & as a member of the FF, he can share his Flexible thinking, giving others the ability to distract. But even without his alt, Reed finally lives up to his egotistical name.

Invisible Woman: Sue is like Rescue. She creates numerous forcefields, & protects instead of fighting. Force Spheres are good enough, yet Sue is used to protect a powerful teammate, i.e. The human torch. However, her Force cage can often hinder her own team, & sometimes prevent them from attacking. However, Sue's a great hulk-slayer. Even when FF Sue is  sharing her reactive shields, at a low level, she's useless-you need a high level Sue to truly protect your team.

Human Torch: I hate Johnny. The torch, on PVP, always decimates my team. All of Johnny's attacks do colossal amounts of damage. Yet his Achilles' heel, is that he's the live-fast, die young type. You've got to take him out quickly. He isn't known for his health bar. Although Nova Blast seems like a good idea, it can result in a quick death for your team too. A healer will serve Johnny well. Also, unlike the rest of the FF, Johnny can't share an ability, meaning that FF Spider- Man is worth more than his alt. However, for only 33cps, he's more than worth the price tag.

Thing: Ben Grimm. Like his rocky exterior, Ben is a brick wall. He can't exactly 'Clobber' opponents, but that's the thing with the FF- 2 attack,2 defend. His damage isn't notable, so sadly, he's more of a poor protector, who only FF completionists will want. However, that said, he can hold his ground for a while, while others set up the devastation. He can also share his 'tough guy' ability-boosting his allies' resilience. Again, only for completionists.

ANNOUNCEMENT: & here's the guest star people! His!

Doctor Doom: I had to fill up the bonus bar. But the mighty one is here.... Like Cable, he has 2 sets of abilities, technical & mystical. His old villain attacks, plus 4 new ones. Double the health. Double the turns. Double the Doom. He can steal essence & one-up Reed with his Trifurcator. He can send down lightning, & summon servoguards. He wields the ring imperial. A true, godly 2 costs. One, THERE IS ONLY DOOM! (You can only use doom & your agent). & because THERE IS ONLY DOOM! he isn't that fun to play as. Practical, yes, enjoyable , no.

So that concludes Episode 3. I hope you've enjoyed it! Any requests, just let me know on my profile page! Next time, as promised.....X2!

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