Hi there, BrigadierBenton here. Time for an introduction. I'm new to wiki editing. Most of my identity is classified by SHIELD, but i can reveal that I love time travel & comic books, which brings us to our first reviewee...

Cable: Cable is unique, for he is one of very few heroes to have two sets of attacks. T-O control mode (weaponry) & T-O overdrive mode (telekinesis). Plasma rifle, especially with his blaster bonus, is devastating, & Bodyslide is good for speed runs, mowing through weak foes easily. Askani arts can set these up, but isn't essential. Overdrive mode also cures a major flaw in many agent's plans-stamina. Whenever Cable uses an overdrive ability, his stamina heals. His overdrive attacks are awesome, & creates a solid 'cone of silence' forcefield, but aren't really practical against mindless PVE foes, such as Sentinels, or test subjects. Other than that, Cable is a blaster tank. Cable Smash!

Wolverine: Alas, Wolverine. The PVP mainstay, & for a good reason. The strategy for Wolverine follows. Step 1:Adamantium claws. Step 2: Beserker Frenzy. Sadly, there is no third step. You don't need Savage Rend or Feral ambush. They're nice additions, yet you'll never need to use them. Ambush is stealthy, but that's a about it. Logan works really well with any 'Bloodlust' character. One causes bleeding, the other deals massive amount of damage, & vice versa. So, in summary, Logan is a great character, but doesn't have many great attacks. 

Cyclops: The least popular x man. The most popular tactician. Cyclops, guess what, really relies on guess what--his optic blasts. Exploit weakness sets up optic blasts. Evasive manoevours saves Cyclops from a quick low - health grave. & mega optic blast, aesthetically is the least original attack of all time. Not to say cyclops is a weak character! No, once his optic blasts are set up, he can do devastating amounts of damage. Twice in a row. With his tactician boost. However, with his Phoenix 5 alt, he becomes god-like. Watch a Flames of destruction  empowered hulk. Watch your opponents cry.

Collosus: Every one needs a bruiser. Sadly collosus doesn't live up to his intimidating name. Steel fists is a basic punch attack. Decimate doesn't live up to it's  name. His attacks can amount (usually) to a pitiful 77 damage. His modern alt is worthless. He only has 2 good features- Steel Curtain is a great shield, & that his Phoenix 5 alt uses Collosus as a sacrificial lamb to heal his allies. For all of Collosus' intimidation, he isn't that great. 

Gambit: I've had to team-up with Gambit many times. I don't have him per se.... but the ragin' cajun has a lot of potential. Potential energy. Gambit's source of power is his kinetic charge. His Bo roulette takes a gamble- his kinetic energy ranges from 1 to 4. If you have a low number, you're doomed. If you have a high number, then use an attack that will release Gambit's kinetic energy. This destroys your opponent. It does unbeleivable amounts of damage.  But at least if Bo Roulette fails, you can always reroll. A low kinetic Gambit is hopeless. A high kinetic Gambit is devastating. He's a character, as his name would suggest, based around gambling. Yes, his ace of spades can grant you 2 turns, but does very little damage. So in summary, if the dice rolls in his favour....FEAR HIM!

I hope you've enjoyed this episode of the Hero Almanac. Next time, I study the Fantastic 4/Future Foundation. I'm also planning an X2 review, for Quicksilver, Rogue,Pestilence,Phoenix,Storm,etc. Please leave any requests, or comments on my talk page.

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