I posted a version of this a bit ago to the PD forums. Edited for clarity

Sunday, I opened ten lockboxes to get a dupe cover, some random consumable garbage, and (here's the kicker) 20x UISO. In other words, the box with the UISO might as well have been empty. I filed a ticket with the 'All New All Different' Disney support. I got a reply yesterday, "Sorry about that. Can you send us a screenshot of the UISO and your FB ID?" I did so, and got a reply a few minutes ago. 

"Thank you for sharing your experience regarding the lokbox reward with us. Rewards are random and there is no guarantee on what you will receive. This roulette system is not dependent on using a particular hero, reaching a particular score, or having 5-stars for the mission or anything else.

We are sorry you have not yet received the item you were hoping for. You may continue to try for it; however we will not be able to provide assistance due to the random nature of the reward roulette."

In other words, a copy/paste reply that had nothing to do with the issue. Further, since lockboxes are limited, premium items that can only be replaced with premium game currency bought with real world money, this reply tells me that Disney does not stand behind what they sell.  Either they forgot to turn the UISO off after the end of the last Spec Op, or they're perfectly okay with selling empty boxes.

So, stop buying gold. Stop enabling this type of behavior. For premium currency, you should get something of some value, even if it's low value. Getting something of no value is a middle finger to the player.

P.S. Turns out the new Disney support is the same as the old PD support. At least the support person had the same name as an unhelpful so-and-so from PD. 


Just FYI, the support agent's name is Ben, and, due to the PG13 nature of this wiki, I can only say he's a big poop-butt-farty-pants-head-face.

I don't think I'm out of line here.  I have commodity A with an agreed upon value to trade for commodity B with an agreed upon value, if commodity B has no value, then I got hosed on the deal and am entitled to a refund. This is not "I spilled hot coffee on my leg and want a bajillion dollars!"  This is, "Hey, I got hosed on this deal.  Gimme my money back!"

So, look...We all struggle with what was once Playdom support, and is now the same group of idiots calling themselves Disney Interactive support.  To my mind, PD/Disney did something wrong by leaving the UISO in as one of the possible rewards in the lockboxes when the Spec Op has been over for weeks.  By buying gold, you're not only tacitly agreeing that it's okay for them to sell you an empty box, but you pay the salary of old Benji.  What do you get for your hard-earned dollar?  Here's a brief summary of the chain of tickets:

  • Me:  Hey, I opened 10 lockboxes and got UISO, which is the same as an empty box
  • Not Ben:  Holy Schnikies!  That's not right.  Send us a screencap and your user ID!
  • Me:  Okeedoke, here.
  • Ben:  Roulettes are random. (ticket marked resolved)
  • Me:  What in the name of Dick van Patten does that have to do with anything?
  • Ben:  Whoops.  Sorry.  I meant to say that lockboxes have stuff in them. (ticket marked resolved)
  • Me:  Uhhh...yeah.  But this one...are you paying attention at all?
  • Ben:  Oh,sorry.  Yeah, if you don't collect your lockboxes before the group boss disappears, too bad.(ticket marked apathy)
  • Me:  Are you on medication?
  • Ben:  STAHP!  Lockboxes are supposed to have UISO in them. (ticket marked "I want spaghetti!")
  • Me:  Are you saying that you purposely sold empty boxes?  Disney is okay with that? Is your helmet on too tight?

Now, the reply I got was beautiful in a way.  It's so passive aggressive that it'll make your sphincter pinch up too tight and snap an O-ring if you stare at it too long.  Ben finally says "FINE!  Here's your stupid gold.  I don't give a care!"  He goes on to explain how he's technically right, and only giving me the (one) a courtesy.  Look, Walmart sells crap goods, and they know it.  Their return policy is "...whatever.  Just bring it back.  I don't care about your stupid receipt.  Sometimes I cut myself."  Playdom, on the other hand, digs in its heels.  They throw up barriers of copypaste and apathy to keep you from getting a refund.  I put my head down and got the bare minimum back.  So...yay, mission accomplished.  Right?  That would have been that if the ticket had read "Hey, that's not right. One gold coming your way.  We'll try to make sure this doesn't happen in the future."  Instead, Ben-ah, Fen-ah, Fee-fie-foe-fen-ah told me to "buy another lockbox". Maybe it was sincere, but I took it as "Cram it up your cramhole, LaFleur!"  To be fair, I had carried a lot of anger into this phase of the conversation, so maybe I'm reading it wrong.  What really irked was when Ben Folds Five wrote the following:

"Since you now know that Unstable ISO-8s can be apart <sic> of what can come out of a LockBox prize reward please understand that in the future we will be unable to add any additional gold  to your account for said Lockbox Prize. In other words. This is a one time courtesy please note in the future if you receive Unstable ISO-8s as a rewards we will be unable to add currencies to your account. "

Not, "Hey, we're gonna work on that"  but, "Screw you, hippie!  It's gonna keep happening, and you can quit yer bitchin'!  ..and stop dressing me up like a mailman and making me dance for you while you go smoke <redacted>and have <redacted> with some guy I don't even know in my dad's bed!  RESPECT MAH AUTHORITAH!"

...I mean, that's the way it read to me.  Again, I carry a lot of anger into the conversation.  Maybe I'm the jerk.  I sent ol' Bender a reply:  "Ben, about the gold...whatever.  I really don't appreciate the attitude though.  Put me in touch with a supervisor, please."  

Bendo Calrissian replied "Thanks for your feedback....(we all know how this one goes)" (ticket marked Some folks call it a Sling Blade.  I call it a Kaiser blade.  Mmmm-hmmm)

I wrote back, "Ben, please don't make this more difficult than it has to be.  Put me in touch with a supervisor."

...a wild Michael appeared!

more tomorrow?

I'm gonna go ahead and call it a success.  Playdom didn't give me anything, but I still feel like there's a glimmer of hope.  Today, I got the best customer service message I've ever gotten from Playdom, or anyone associated with MAA.  That is, if not a win, then at least a step in the right direction.

So, after Ben Jovi handed things off, I got a message from Michael, wanting to know what the problem was.  I replied, telling him the original problem, and expanding on my problem with Ben Ten's attitude.  This was the reply I got:

Well, you both are right. Sure, it is no fun to get Unstable ISO 8's from a Lock Box when there is no Special Operation Season going on. It has happened to even me before so I feel where you are coming from. It is true that there is a possibility to receive Unstable ISO 8's as a reward when opening up Lock boxes. These Lock Boxes were released while the Last Special Operations still had time on the clock. This could be why we are seeing Unstable ISO 8's in the Lock Boxes as a reward. I cannot make any promises but I will field your concerns with the Development Team to see if there are any solutions to your concern. 

Thanks for being so patient!

Now, this is what I expect to see from customer support every time.  Michael didn't crap me a hundred gold.  He commiserated.  He tried to expain, and he made a nebulous promise to see if there were any solutions.  This might actually be from the new Disney copypaste manual for customer service agents.  I don't care if it is.  It's miles better than what we've been getting from PD for years.  I hope it's a glimpse of things to come.

Short post-script here.  I wrote Michael back and thanked him for sending a decent reply to my ticket.  While I was at it, I took the opporitunity to offer a middle-ground solution to UISO after the SpecOp ends.  The idea isn't original to me, but it seems fair.  500 to 1,000 silver for UISO after the end of the Op.  That's whatever is in your inventory, whatever you get from ally visits, enemy drops or lockboxes.  They accumulate between SpecOps, and when the next one starts, they get cashed in.  You get 20 in a lockbox, that's 10-20k when the next Op drops.  It'll help newer players, and it's not gonna screw up the economy of the game.  Plus, it alleviates some of the frustration of the player that sees that capsule pop up when he needs just one more energy, or one more shield point.

That's all I've got...until the next time something screws up.

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