If you're reading this, you're about to be very bored.

This is not advice, hints, or keen insight into the strategy of the game.  There are others who are far more qualified to do that than I am.  This is merely a written record of my current goals that will, hopefully, keep me accountable to myself.

...that, and I'm bored as hell waiting for Ch. 7.

Anyway, moving on.

Current goals:

  • Long term: all heroes to at least 12.  Estimated completion:  September 22*
  • Long term: all heroes to at least 13.  Estimated completion:  October 30*
  • Long term:  all heroes to 14.  Estimated completion:  December 17*
  • Short term:  farm all (farmable) Hero eISO.  Progress:  66/67
  • Short term:  farm all (farmable) Hero aISO.  Progress:  17/33
  • Long term:  buy all alts.  Progress:  Negligible.
  • Whenever:  Chapter masteries, as they become available.  Progress: 6/6
  • Fantasy:  Infesting the nether regions of PD support with biting fleas and lava exuding buttworms

The current constraints that I can influence:

  • Silver.  Without an infux of silver from group bosses and the like, this will become critical before all are at 13
  • CP.  Currently at 224.  Not critical at this time

  • Every new hero adds one full week to all estimates.  My guess is that there will be at least 6, but possibly 10-11 new heroes by the end of 2014.    At least 2 PvP tournaments and at least 2 SpecOps, plus lockbox, covert ops, and general release heroes will push completion of training back to the end of February, by which time 4-8 new heroes will be released, which pushes training completion, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.


9/16 progress

  • As of tonight, the heroes left to train to at least 12 is in the single digits.
  • Farmed about 8 CP
  • Did not get the last eISO I need to be complete.  
  • Trolled PD support regarding roulettes.  I'm sure poor Jeremy from PD is wondering why I bother.
  • Failed to get that damned Babymetal song, "Gimme Chocolate" out of my head.  Tomorrow I may use a drill and hot piece of wire.
  • Read good news/bad news on Twitter regarding upcoming content.  The good news is that I have plenty of time to finish my eISO farming before ch.7 comes out.  The bad news is that I have plenty of time before ch.7 comes out.  Apparently PreVP and the SpecOp are coming first.  Also in bad news, the new chapter will bring ~16 aISO instead of only 8, as ch.2 is getting them as well.

9/20 progress

  • Finally got the last eISO w00t
  • PreVP Beta bringing an influx of silver w00t
  • 3 heroes left to get to at least 12

and so it goes...


  • Last current hero sent to train to lvl 12
  • Sitting on over 300 CP
  • Can't decide whether to push Generalists or Tacticians
  • No luck farming aISO yet.  Not really concerned.
  • Sitting on about 16.5 million Silver, waiting on the promised changes


  • Decided to push Generalists
  • All heroes @12 complete...for now
  • still sitting on 16.5 million silver, thanks to the PreVP
  • At 17.1% in the PreVP Beta
  • Diddled with my profile, added a superfluous tab for alts.
  • Due to the above, figured out I need another 2,000 CP to get all currently available alts
  • Still no aISO, but at least I'm not getting crap crystals
  • No new heroes in over a month (8/19 Medusa).  That's good/bad.
  • all heroes @13 finish date still october 30...for now.
  • High Evolutionary SpecOp on the horizon.  w00t



  • Last generalist sent off to train to 13.
  • tacticians are next.  May rotate generalists to train to 14 as they become available
  • 16 million silver
  • slowly buying alts while keeping CP at around 300
  • snagged 2 aISO.  Now I'm only short 14 of them
  • so freakin bored waiting for the SpecOp
  • PvP @ 12.02% w/o spending energy or effort.


  • All Blasters, Generalists, Tacticians, and Bruisers are trained to at least 13 (excepting Kang)
  • All Horsemen alts bought
  • Whole new batch of eISO and aISO to farm.  *sigh*
  • Kindasorta going ahead with training all infiltrators to lvl 13, but might just do both inf and scrappers at the same time
  • Still sitting on 150 cp after the recent purchases
  • 94% completion on chapter 7.  All that's left is Challenge Mode on missions 2-6.  Might finish today.
  • Completion of all current heroes to lvl 14 should be ~Christmas/New Years.
  • According to Woods' twitter, lvl 15 not coming any time soon.  *whew*



  • Completed ch 7 mastery
  • Just sent Wasp to train to lvl 13, all that's left are scrappers, Kang and Gorgon to get to 13.
  • 17.7 million silver
  • 140 CP
  • Only need 3 more eISO and 12 aISO to be complete...until ch 8 comes along...frack.
  • SpecOp this week.  Shouldn't impede training everyone to 13 much.
  • Gorgon and the 2 new heroes from the SpecOp will push #all14 to after New Year.  frack


  • Over 50% of heroes trained to lvl 14
  • Completed training all blasters and tacticians to lvl 14.  Everyone else is at least at 13
  • With current silver (17.5 million), I should be able to train all generalists, bruisers and scrappers to lvl 14
  • aISO farming on the back burner.  Farming CP on a hunch.
  • 223 CP
  • Not factoring in flight deck and ally visits, current silver will be exhausted sometime around Christmas Eve

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