Season 2 Has Arrived

Well, its about time. I think we waited long enough, but suprisingly I wasn't that disapointed. I actually think it was worth the wait. I mean, waiting doesn't hurt, and putting the time into making the game a better experience makes me want to like Playdom just a tad more. Love the task list. 10 Gold is the perfect amount. Not a ton, but enough for me to seriously want to push for it. 

Disclaimer: I have played this for about 10 mins. This is not a review whatsoever on the entire chapter, new experiences may change my viewpoint.

New Toys

I see Season 2 has arrived, instincively first thing I do is look at the mission rewards. Turns out there is a unique weapon for every mission. Nice. Season 2: Bringing Old Unreliable WW1 Weapons since August 1.

While most of the weapons seem too gimmicky for me, I am eyeing the M2 Lewis Gun. An evasion bonus is always nice, but shell shocked seems like a new Mental Anguish for non-psychic users. Also, the premium Vickers could probably unleash a deadly storm of lead if you wait long enough, but the complicated thing seems confusing with quick-actions.

New Boss and Boss Updates

Sugar Man...good AoA memories. His only attack I ever saw him execute was Mutate or Die, giving bonuses at the cost of damage per turn. He also hit Cowl with it, but Cowl only got the benefits. Sugar Man also possesses a passive that never proc'd for me but seemed interesting. Overall, a bit weak, but a nice pickup to the new season.

Next we have Mystique and Toad. I like how they turned Toad into a threat, by giving him high amounts of counters and a counter that basically has reduced potential, which can be a pain to heroes with only one type of attack. Both had a reinforcement passive that made the boss a little more difficult. And as usual Mystique swarms you with kicks and gunshots and extra turn madness. 


I can't talk about Heroic Battles, because I don't have Rogue nor Wolverine. But incursions are basically easier PVP battles with gear. That's pretty much it. 

Sounds, a whole new world of them

Probably my favorite part of the update that was expanded upon but needs to be experienced to be appreciated. Wow. Thats a lot of new sounds. Omega's energy blade, X-23's Snikt, Psylocke's Katana even Wonder Man's double punch. It gives a much more updated, modern feel. Every sound effect IMO pre-patch sounded like it came from a 20's Noir/Gangster movie. 

The music on the other hand, while nice, was much more mixed in feelings to me. I liked how it made everything grander, like killing Scrapper Guy had a significant impact on the story, but I also felt they overdid it, and really wanted to impress us. Some of the tracks I don't prefer much.

Favorite new sound: Union Jack's revolver. Do you feel lucky, Punk?



  • Much more crisp, modern sound effects.
  • New gear (always welcome) 
  • Refresher from constant SOs and CP grinding
  • Nicer team-ups, updated bosses make it feel like you can teach old dogs new tricks
  • Xavier and Coulson, enough said. Boss this, Boss that, it seems Coulson's vocabulary is limited to Boss, Boss, Boss.
  • Task list has some worthwhile rewards


  • Music sometimes doesn't seem to fit and feels overdone
  • Gear seems gimmicky (Whats the point of risking attacking if it may not even fire? Yeah Sten Gun, I'm looking at you) 
  • In order for total mastery, every mission is basically an epic boss (you need ALL the required heroes for heroic battles, deploys, premiums and epic bosses)
  • Weren't the heroes Moon Knight, B. Voodoo and Squirrel Girl supposed to be released? Oh well. I'm not really complaining.

Overall, I believe Season 2 provides a new experience for players who want a break from the standard gameplay and was pretty much worth the wait. I look forward to new chapters in the future.

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