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    Well, its about time. I think we waited long enough, but suprisingly I wasn't that disapointed. I actually think it was worth the wait. I mean, waiting doesn't hurt, and putting the time into making the game a better experience makes me want to like Playdom just a tad more. Love the task list. 10 Gold is the perfect amount. Not a ton, but enough for me to seriously want to push for it. 

    Disclaimer: I have played this for about 10 mins. This is not a review whatsoever on the entire chapter, new experiences may change my viewpoint.

    I see Season 2 has arrived, instincively first thing I do is look at the mission rewards. Turns out there is a unique weapon for every mission. Nice. Season 2: Bringing Old Unreliable WW1 Weapons since August 1.


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