Hero Bonuses Level 155

What is "Parking" your Agent?

Imagine: You have all level 9 heroes and everyone else at your level has level 3 heroes. Your Hero Bonuses will be FAR superior to theirs, and as a result, you will be much more powerful in PvP.

The goal of Parking your Agent is to keep your Agent level as low as possible while raising your Hero level as high as possible. As stated, the purpose is to give yourself a much greater advantage in PvP over other agents at your same agent level.

Parking your Agent is mostly for PvP Purposes only. If you enjoy PvP, this is the best (and cheapest) method to guarentee you are at the top of the Rankings.

How do I Park my Agent?

First, you have to take a long-term view of the game. Rather than rushing around trying to get everything as fast as possible, you simply take your time and keep doing flights and training. Patience is the key to success in Parking your Agent.

Second, you have to stop doing so many missions. Doing missions gains your agent a lot of experience. The goal of Parking your Agent is to keep your agent level low, so missions are the last thing you want to do. Some people still do some missions, but very few, some people stop doing missions totally. Personally, when I Park my Agent, I don't do missions, at all. Sometimes "Parking" lasts for a few weeks, sometimes for a few months. Sometimes it just depends on new chapters being released in the game as to when I will do some missions again.

Third, do flights, lots of flights! 20 minute flights are pretty easy to keep up with (although the shorter the flight, the more experience and silver you will gain). When you send your heroes on flights, you want to try and only send the heroes who need experience. The flights are how you will gain them experience to progress their levels. Some people think it is impossible to gain enough experience from flights to train a hero. I'm here to tell you that is wrong -- I took most of the "free" heroes we get from level 1 to level 12 by only doing flights. And, as an example of the experience you get, it takes about 6 days to take 8 different level 11 heroes with zero experience to ready for level 12 training. 6 days in nothing in the scheme of things -- remember, take a long-term view of the game.

Tips. Tricks and Further Explanation...

It is much better (and faster) to raise everyone's level at the same time than trying to get 1 hero to level 12, then another to level 12. If you do them all at the same time (example, take everyone from 4 to level 5, level 5 to level 6, you won't end up with a huge roadblock where everyone is ready for training at the same time and waiting on that one person to get to level 12 before you can move on.

Some people can't see the differences that the Hero Bonuses make. You will see a difference when your Hero Bonuses are so high that your agent can 1-shot anyone in the game (see picture above). Most people can't see the difference it makes because they were too busy trying to gain Agent levels and not paying attention to their Hero Bonuses.

Here's a good example where Hero Bonuses make all the difference. Say you keep seeing the same person who has bought 50 Annihilators and put them all in their PvP Bonus. Their Offensive Bonus is around 50,000. Your Offensive Bonus (with no "gold items") is around 35,000. They should own you in PvP. But with the Hero Bonuses you will actually be stronger than they are in PvP, not only stronger, but much stronger. The Hero Bonuses are the great equalizer, but it takes a lot of time and effort and patience to get to that point.

At the end of the day, the Ultimate Goal is to have most of your heroes at level 12 by the time you reach level 150. If you can do it before then, even better! At level 150 the final PvP Bonus slot is unlocked and you can reach your full potential in the game. If you have spent the time to Park your Agent and get high Hero Bonuses, you will be feared in PvP!

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