Hero Bonuses Decoded

What is a "Hero Bonus"?

The Hero Bonus is where you change around the class of your hero to change the Stat Bonus in PvP. Go to the PvP Screen and click on "Heros" to see your current setup.

What is an "Attack Setup"?

An Attack Setup is where you change ALL of the heroes that you possibly can to Blasters and Scrappers (see image below: "Attack Setup"). The difference in damage you do when you attack is absolutely noticable, if not amazing.

Below is an example of an attack using a 100% attack bonus setup (Note, this attack is using a Chrono Overdrive and Phoenix Flare). Notice the amount of damage that is dealt.

What is a "Defense" setup?

A Defense Setup is where you change all of the heroes you possibly can into Bruisers. In the image below, all heroes have been changed into Bruisers and Infiltrators. This is probably a "pure" defense setup. This gives you the best chance to dodge attacks while also boosting your defense. When you get hit using this setup, you will take very little damage compared to a pure attack setup. However, the damage you deal along with accuracy will suffer.

The image below is an example of a Hero Bonus with a pure defense/evasion setup attack. Compare it to the 100% attack setup above and note the difference in damage dealt (Note, this attack is using a Chrono Overdrive and Phoenix Flare).

Another setup is Defense and Accuracy (see image below). As noted above, the Defense with Evasion setup gives you great defense and evasion, but it seems to miss a lot more. To solve this problem simply change your heroes from Infiltrators to Scrappers. You will still get the defense, but you will pretty much always hit what you are shooting at.


Please note, these examples listed are simply to explain what a Hero Bonus actually does, show some in action photos of the differences the setup makes, and what to do to manipulate your hero bonus stats. There are all kinds of other Hero Bonus setups. You may opt for as much health as you can get -- and put everyone you can into your Tactician Bonus setup. In that case you can combine Bruisers to give you an incredible amount of Defense and Health (which may come in handy against the Phoenix Flare!). You may opt for a more balanced approach with good defense, attack and accuracy. The best thing to do is to try out different combinations and see how your team does. Whatever you ultimately decide to go with, just remember that Hero Bonuses make a huge difference for anyone who enjoys PvP!

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