• BrainYak

    Brain Yak's PvP Setup

    November 25, 2012 by BrainYak

    People have asked me what my PvP setup is. So I figured I would try to give a detailed explination of what I am using and why.

    I am using a Scrapper Agent. I use this particular item setup simply because the AI has the least chance of screwing it up in comparison to other setups I have tried. That is the ultimate goal in PvP -- find a setup that the AI has the least chance of messing up and go with it.

    The Scrapper Agent, with the right ISOs and Hero Bonuses is a total beast. He can 1-shot just about anyone in the game (sans perhaps Emma non-organic and Colossus). The advantage Scrappers get is enormous. Not only getting double attacks against Infiltrators, but also double attacks against anyone if they have the Scrapper Bonus. Since they do…

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  • BrainYak

    Hero Bonuses Decoded

    September 24, 2012 by BrainYak

    What is a "Hero Bonus"?

    The Hero Bonus is where you change around the class of your hero to change the Stat Bonus in PvP. Go to the PvP Screen and click on "Heros" to see your current setup.

    What is an "Attack Setup"?

    An Attack Setup is where you change ALL of the heroes that you possibly can to Blasters and Scrappers (see image below: "Attack Setup"). The difference in damage you do when you attack is absolutely noticable, if not amazing.

    Below is an example of an attack using a 100% attack bonus setup (Note, this attack is using a Chrono Overdrive and Phoenix Flare). Notice the amount of damage that is dealt.

    What is a "Defense" setup?

    A Defense Setup is where you change all of the heroes you possibly can into Bruisers. In the image below, all h…

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  • BrainYak

    How to "Park" your Agent

    September 2, 2012 by BrainYak

    Imagine: You have all level 9 heroes and everyone else at your level has level 3 heroes. Your Hero Bonuses will be FAR superior to theirs, and as a result, you will be much more powerful in PvP.

    The goal of Parking your Agent is to keep your Agent level as low as possible while raising your Hero level as high as possible. As stated, the purpose is to give yourself a much greater advantage in PvP over other agents at your same agent level.

    Parking your Agent is mostly for PvP Purposes only. If you enjoy PvP, this is the best (and cheapest) method to guarentee you are at the top of the Rankings.

    First, you have to take a long-term view of the game. Rather than rushing around trying to get everything as fast as possible, you simply take your time an…

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