• Bobby1999 13

    Update just forced me to refresh and surprise, surprise!!!, dont go hard on me english is not my thing.

    • Expires August 8
    • Tactician: 34 CP
    • Generalist: 48 CP
    • Be An Avenger: AOU Avengers have a chance to interrupt and counter Ranged attacks

    Sadly, IMO, Heroic Age Hawkeye still looks better though especially with Nocked and Loaded. Kinda wished the AOU suit retained the Loaded Quiver passive. But still, the outfit and AOU passive is nice against Ranged foes so thanks for that. I mean it DOES interrupt Ranged attacks. Got both anyway. Hahaha. It could have been better though.

    Still, I dont know if to buy the tactician alt. or the generalist alt., and with whom to use

    him, of course i will wait to see comments on the class chossing part first, then tes…

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