So I was searching web and I found website with new info about Season 2 and next spec ops. Here's link: Game Updates. And it seems that Daken, Venom and Bullseye as Hawkeye are confirmed to be enemies in next Spec Ops (I know, they appeared as Dark Avengers), and they even released pictures. Here's also synopsis for the SO 12:

"A new Spec Op mission will also be introduced. This mission will revolve around the “Dark Reign” storyline from the comics, and will have S.H.I.E.L.D’s Defense Mandate overruled by the World Council after an industrial accident, while a team of Dark Avengers has been created to battle the Avengers. If the player successfully beats this mission they will unlock Ares as a playable character."

Plus new mode: Heroic Battles, where you fight as heroes, without aid from agent:

"The most anticipated feature of the ‘Season 2′ Update is that Heroic Battles will be finally implemented into the game. Heroic battles are fights between superheroes and villains, without the aid or input from agents. These Heroic Battles will feature some popular match-ups like Wolverine vs Sabertooth."

So what to do guys think?

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