Season 16 Raw Data

Team A: Emma(eiso8)+Patriot, Gen EA w/SoA, chitter-chatter, N-trope, GTB

1. Volstagg+Fandral(Eiso8), Gen EA Agent w/tankard, synthetic cube, SoA, mahayuga -> Lose

Team B: No Alt QuickLocke

2. Tac P5 Emma+Havok, Gen EA Agent w/syn cube, apo's subjugator, 

3. Angel+Cap A, Blast Aegis w/ soulfire blade, 

4. Infil Pest+Fandral(Eiso8), Tac EA w/syn cube, tankard, war axe

5. Ares(Aiso8)+Scrap BQS, Gen EA w/syn cube, mystic, SoA -> Lose

6. Infil FF IW+Mag, Tac EA w/ raft shank

7. Fandral+Volstagg, Blast Aegis w/ signpost, mystic, tankard

8. Scr Mighty Thor(eiso8)+Herc(eiso8), Gen EA w/ Rayshield, syn cube, war axe, tankard

9. Mag+Ares, Inf EA w/syn cube, coulson, war axe, CC

10. Gen BQS+Herc(eiso8), Gen EA w/shepherd, savant, syn cube -> Lose

11. Storm(eiso8) + Rescue, Gen EA w/primitive spear, syn cube, thunder strike, SoA

12. Blue Scr QuickLocke, Gen EA w/syn cube, SoA, Signpost, Huldran's P Call -> Lose

13. Val+Mock(eiso8), Gen EA w/bashenga, hoarfrost,shepherd

Team B2: Tac Psy-QuickLocke

14. ScrapBQS+ InfilX-Psy(eiso8), Gen EA w/CC,Coulson, syn cube, warS axe

15. BruIF+Havok, Gen EA w/Syn cube, bashenga

16. Blue QuickLocke, GenEA w/warS, SoA, nanite,maha

17. tac PestiFamine, GenEA w/gaunt, E Odin's steel

18. BQS+IF, GenEA w/War, bashenga, Ntrope, SoA -> Lose (bashenga?!)

19. Infil XPsy+Fan, GenEA w/syn cube, SoA

20. Doom, GenEA w/syn cube, signpost, hard nox -> Lose

21. Doom, GenEA w/restored vickers, 

22. IF+Ares, GenEA w/S cube,Mystic, shepherd -> Lose

23.BQS+Havok, GenEA w/signpost,barrowguard,Scube,shepherd

24.BQS+OS, GenEA w/SoA, signpost, mag field, sonic sword

25.Herc+heim, GenEA w/SoA, Ionic Sledge, Chitter-chatter

26.She-hulk+DD(HB Eiso8), GenEA w/Bashenga,tankard, SoA

Team A2: Tac IP w/eiso8+ BruIF w/aiso8, GenEA w/N-trope, SoA, bashenga, war axe

27. Hulk+Scarlet w/lucky eiso8, ScrapPA w/Batazar, Vibra-crescent, Crismon Crusher

28. Ares+Rescue, BlastAA w/power cell mk3, Lewis

29. QuickLocke, BlastAA w/mystic, syn cube, war axe

30. T Gulk, T S2 Cykes, BruAA w/Algirm, Coulson, Syn cube, Biocard

31. Rescue+OS, GenEA, 

32. T Av CapA+MB TacRT w/Coulson, Radian Rifle,

33. QuickLocke, TacEA w/Syn cube, coulson

34. BruIF/eiso8+Havok, BlastAA w/savant

35. Nico+IP, GenEA w/mag field, war axe, deep thought

36. Doom, TacEA w/syn cube, n-trope, SoA

37. BruDeath+TacIP, GenEA w/(Defensive Counter), Mahayuga, Souldrainer, Signpost

38. Famine+Psylocke, GenEA w/Mark of Bro, SoA, GTB

39. Panther+DP, BlastAA w/Signpost, Syn cube, SoA

40. TacWolvie+InfilPsy, TacEA w/bashenga, signpost, syn cube

41. ScrThor+Blast Mk42, GenEA w/thunder watch,signpost, syn cube 

42. BruWar+Task, GenEA w/mystic, syn cube

43. Tac P5Emma+Rescue, BlastAA w/Shepherd, Syn cube, tankard, savage 

44. Psy+Sabre, GenEA w/Sonic Sword, GTB, WarAxe

45. Mag/eiso8+Anti-V, GenEA w/TO skeleton, Syn cube, signpost, Staff of A

46. TacPest+Ares, GenEA w/raft, hotshot, 2otherDB -> Close Loss

47. HAIF+Qs, GenEA w/TO skeleton, signpost, algrim

48. DP/dual eiso8+TacOwm, GenEA w/war axe, mystic, coulson, syn cube

49. Havok+Pest, GenEA w/WarAxe, N-trope -> Lose

Hero Count

Quicksilver: 11

Psylocke: 9

Rescue: 4

Fandral: 4

Havok: 5

Pestilence: 4

Ares: 5

Iron Fist: 5

Emma: 2

Volstagg: 2

Angel: 1

Captain America: 2

Invisble Woman: 1

Magneto: 3

Thor: 2

Hercules: 3

Storm: 1

Valkyrie: 1

Mockingbird: 2

Rogue/Famine: 2

Doctor Doom: 3

Omega Sentinel: 2

Heimdall: 1

She-Hulk: 1

Daredevil: 1

Hulk: 2

Scarlet Witch: 1

Cyclops: 1

War Machine/Iron Patriot: 3

Nico Minoru: 1

Iceman/Death: 1

Black Panther: 1

Deadpool: 2

Wolverine: 1

Iron Man: 1

TaskMaster: 1

X-23/War: 1

Sabretooth: 1

Anti-Venom: 1

Agent Gear Count

Synthetic Cube: 24

Scroll of Angolob: 14

Signpost: 10

Warbringer Axe: 10

Asgardian Tankard: 6

Neurotrope: 4

Mystic: 6

Bashenga's Blade: 6

Coulson's Revenge: 6

Shepherd's Staff: 4

Cosmic Cardinal: 2

Savant Spear: 2

Rayshield Generator: 1

Primivitive Spear: 2

Thunder Strike: 2

Huldran's Powerful Call: 1

Hoarfrost Mace: 1

Warsplitter Axe: 2

Enchanted Odin's Steel: 1

Gaunt Caress: 1

Nanite Inductive Nailgun: 1

Hard Nox: 1

Restored VIckers Machine Gun: 1

Magnetic Field Generator: 2

Sonic Sword: 2

Ionic Sledge: 1

Chitter-Chatter Box: 1

Batazar: 1


Crismon Crusher: 1

Power Cell Mk3: 1

Lewis Machine Gun: 1

Algrim's Rage: 2

Bio-Identity Card: 1

Radian Rifle: 1

The Experiment: 1

Heavy Sai: 1

Souldrainer: 1

Mark of the Brotherhood: 1

Golden Tyrant Blade: 2

Techno-Organic Endoskeletion: 2

Staff of Angel: 1

Hotshot: 1

Mahayuga: 3

Apocalypse's Subjugator: 1

Soulfire Blade: 1

Raft Shank: 2

Class Count

Note: Warriors 3 would receive a count in both their classes

Blaster: 16

Bruiser: 20

Scrapper: 24

Infiltrator: 16

Tactician: 33

Generalist: 41

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