This is meant to be a public collection of my personal iso-8 builds that differ significantly from the standard PKB build or is not featured in the other 3 main iso-8 blogs.
I prefer to report the final iso-8ed stats as it gives a better perceptive to how the hero is finally built than how much you're adding (what PKB & Shade99 did).

War Machine/Iron Patriot

War Machine-Iron Patriot
War Machine/Iron Patriot is a very fast attacker which quickly becomes a burden once Overcharge/Full Overcharge is used and the last barrage is over. Hence, I personally use an extreme build for him to make sure he gain more in kills than losing in turns. Note this is less compatible with the Orginal War Machine alt which has some emphasis on survival
3 Powerful, 4 Violent and 1 Steady:
9298 HP, 2601 Atk, 1830 Acc

Doctor Voodoo

Doctor Voodoo-Heroic Age
Doctor Voodoo wasn't much of an attacker in my opinion, though he have plays with On-Call/QA Voodun Crows, Terron Attack Spell, then Staff of Legba. With the release of his heroic battle, which has minimal need of attack and my main utility with him was his L9 to accelerate powerful combos like Cable's Overdrive L6 Spam and Deadpool's progression for Group Bosses, I decided to emphasize more on survival ability than attack.
4 Stalwart, 3 Patient, 1 Sturdy:
10013 HP, 2061 Atk, 2004 Def, 1832 Acc

Nul, Breaker of Worlds

Luke Cage-Nul

I noticed PKB gave Luke Cage more than 2000 accruacy, which is quite high, especially considering Nul's
Effect BG 3 GreenEffect Icon 017
 Divine Hammer which increases attack and accuracy, reducing his need of accuracy. Hence, I make some adjustments:

5 Forceful, 3 Powerful: 9012 HP, 2233 Atk, 2032 Def, 1802 Acc

She-Hulk/Skirn, Breaker of Men


Similar to above with Skirn having
Effect BG 1 GreenEffect Icon 022
 Hulk Up:

5 Forceful, 1 Stalwart, 1 Patient, 1 Robust: 9155 HP, 6867 Stam, 2176 Atk, 2033 Def, 1804 Acc

Hank Pym

Hank Pym-Heroic Age

With the quite old revamp of his analysis passive, he starts with
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 011
 Guaranteed Hit and get
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 043
 Guaranteed Crit next round, requiring no accruacy stat. There is two builds as his Stamina consumption is quite high.

1. 5 Stalwart, 1 Robust, 2 Relentless:
9012 HP, 8011 Stam, 2175 Atk, 2004 Def
2. 5 Stalwart, 3 Powerful:
10299 HP, 6438 Stam, 2203 Atk, 2004 Def

Victor Mancha

Victor Mancha-Original
Since Zforce (The guy with builds for the newest heroes) haven't did him, I'll just include mine here. Basic PKB build. Though I find it difficult to have Static Cling and Static Charges together on his own for PvE.
4 Skilful, 2 Steady, 1 Violent, 1 Mercurial:
9012 HP, 2147 Atk, 1803 Acc, 2004 Eva


PKB standards still. Her L9 is very nice if your agent has Neurotrope, if not spamming Puglist L1 also works.
2 Steady, 3 Skilful, 2 Proficient, 1 Athletic:
9012 HP, 2375 Atk, 1832 Acc, 2003 Eva


PKB standards as always. He have a long progression but can hit hard once that's done, got an 8k off his L9 once w/o Enraged, which is a lot for an AoE attack.
5 Steady, 2 Bulky, 1 Forceful:
9298 HP, 2318 Atk, 2031 Def, 1804 Acc


Balanced/PKB build, no need to change that. She have a nifty L6+L9 combo, but not really a boss killer, maybe an aiso8 for Exploit Webbing on her L2 would increase her damage output.
3 Powerful, 2 Proficient, 1 Athletic, 1 Violent, 1 Steady:
9012 HP, 2058 Atk, 1860 Acc, 2031 Eva

Spider-Man 2099

Spider-Man 2099-Original
I like his L6 and passive, though need to train him up to see the damage of his L9 for real.
5 Skillful, 2 Mercurial, 1 Steady:
9012 HP, 2262 Atk, 1860 Acc, 2033 Eva


Took me a while to get her, quite a lot of real life work to do. Anyway, decided to use User:568624's prelim build as it has slightly better numbers than mine.
4 Mercurial, 2 Powerful, 1 Steady, 1 Skilful:
9155 HP, 2032 Atk, 1861 Acc, 2004 Eva


Daredevil-Man Without Fear

With the new suit grants
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 011
 Guaranteed Hit on all his attacks, a no-accruacy build is useful to compensate for his weak attack stat. This build is also viable on his other uniforms w/
Effect BG 3 GreenEffect Icon 011
 Radar Sense providing a big jump in accruacy. Of course, PKB knows this well when iso-8ing DD, but still added accuracy to build high crits and exploit the "Heavy Crits" of DD's moves. So just pick your poison

4 Powerful, 4 Proficient:
9155 HP, 2200 Atk, 1861 Acc, 2004 Eva

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