The Agent is a big part of our daily M:AA lives, he/she is the least predictable variable of PvP with varying classes, roles and gears in general. The Iso-8 builds suggested here are meant for general play and less for PvP where Iso-8 plays an negligible role in stats. I would being using the L300 stats for easy comparison. Furthermore, I would be mainly comparing using 8 Iso-8 uniforms (Commander Trenches, PvP Armours, Generalist's Empowered Armour).

Note: For Reinforced Trenches, the base stats are a little less and with only 6 Iso-8 slots, it would be difficult to have a balanced build, so you would want to specialise the Iso-8 in either attack or defence, using the Full Attack & Tank builds provided below, just adjust accordingly.


Uniform Generalist 8 Male
No Class Disadvantage, No Class Advantage. Perfect default armour.

Generalist's Empowered Armour is the 2nd M:AA Anniversary Gift, very easy to get the blueprint. Probably one of the best uniforms you have simply because of 8 Iso-8 slots and the E-iso8 slot.

Stats: 7368 H/S, 1474 Att/Def/Acc/Eva

Build 1: 8 Chaotics

Normal: 9656 H/S, 1930 Att/Def/Acc/Eva
Refined: 10232 H/S, 2042 Att/Def/Acc/Eva

Since the GenEA have no strengths and weaknesses stat-wise, it's an idea to maintain the equilibrium with Chaotics. You get quite high health, average attack, impressive accuracy and high defence and evasion, using PKB's Iso-8 Standards.
The Refined build is included because the daily roulette do have Refined Chaotics during non-Special Operations periods. With the gold crystals, it passes all 5 stats with flying colours. So if you are lucky with the roulette (I know CP, gold and the weapon is more appealing), get this build when you reach L300.

Build 2: Full Attack

3 Violents, 5 Strong: 1816 Acc, 2531 Att

This build is for those who want to hit hard like a War Machine. Standard 5-bar accuracy to make sure your attack hit and then hit like a truck. This is useful for those agents who like Power of 4 as well as Roar of the North/(Custom) Bolt-Action-4-Bore.

Build 3: Balance

Most people here are familiar with the PKB's Iso-8 Solver. The thing is PKB don't share his agent builds, so let's just put this armour into the solver and see what we get:

1 Steady, 3 Stalwart/Skilful, 4 Forceful/Mercurial: 9084 H, 2154 Att, 1899 Acc, 2069 Def or Eva

Since the GenEA have equal defence and evasion, you can choose the stat you prefer. Forceful and Stalwart for defence, Mercurial and Skilful for evasion. I personally prefer defence though. So this is the PKB solver build for the GenEA.

Build 4: Tank

With gears like Hoarfrost Mace, Old Ebony, Svalinn Defender, you might want to consider to turn your agent into a line of defence for your team to stay healthy to continue dish punishment or you like to play it nice and slow with Heroic Age Iron Fist & Future Foundation Invisible Woman w/ healing like Nano-nurse, Staff of Asklepios.

No Acc Build- 8 Deft: 10800 H, 2154 Def/Eva

You might also want your tank to apply debuffs so a standard 5-bar accuracy may be needed. Such as Ex Oblivione, Chaosshot SMG, Chitter-Chatter Box.

Acc Build- 4 Deft, 4 Forceful/Mercurial: 10800 H, 2154 Def or Eva, 1814 Eva or Def, 1814 Acc


Uniform Blaster 7 Male
100% Crit Chance and Ignore Defense against Bruisers, Grants Tacticians an extra turn. The Blaster Aegis is of note, becuase it was given during the Angel PvP, so many people got him and that armour(except me).

Stats: 7082 H, 7368 S, 1717 Att, 1173 Def, 1645 Acc, 1416 Eva

Build 1: Full Attack

2 Violent, 6 Strong: 2803 Atk, 1873 Acc

The base stats of a Blaster premium uniform are excellent for this build, 300 more attack than the GenEA. This is the highest attack your agent can reach without buffs and maintaining a 5-bar accuracy.

Build 2: Solver

Health Emphasis- 5 Skilful, 2 Mercurial, 1 Powerful: 9799 H, 2426 Atk, 1815 Acc, 2011 Eva
Accuracy Emphasis- 1 Steady, 4 Skilful, 3 Mercurial: 9227 H, 2397 Atk, 1985 Acc, 2011 Eva
Attack Emphasis- 4 Skilful, 2 Mercurial, 1 Powerful, 1 Proficient: 9370 H, 2455 Atk, 1815 Acc, 2040 Eva

The original solver build emphasis more on Accuracy while I prefer the excess to go into Health and/or Attack. If you want a slightly higher critical rate, the 2nd build would work.


Uniform Tactician 8 Female
Gain an extra turn from Blasters, Grants Infiltrators the ability to counter attacks. The Tactician Empowered was highly desirable because of the extra turn it grants and the ability to make a buff action Quick Action with the Quick E-Iso8.

Stats: 6652 H, 7368 S, 1445 Att, 1631 Def/Acc, 1330 Eva

Build 1: Solver

Acc, Def Emphasis- 5 Stalwart, 2 Forceful, 1 Steady: 9226 H, 2133 Att, 2233 Def, 1889 Acc
H, At Emphasis- 5 Stalwart, 2 Steady, 1 Powerful: 10227 H, 2161 Att, 2061 Def, 1803 Acc

As usual, the Solver's build and my modifications. Excellent Health though.

Build 2: Tank

5-bar Acc- 6 Sturdy, 2 Patient: 10942 H, 2485 Def, 1801 Acc
Regular Acc- 8 Sturdy: 11228 H, 2543 Def

The Tactician build stats make a decent tank with its high defence.


Uniform Infiltrator 9 Female
Gain the ability to counter attacks from Tacticians, Grants Scrappers the ability to follow-up attacks. Evasion is their speciality.

CT, TC 1-5 & E^2 Suits Stats: 6652 H, 7368 S, 1316 Att, 1330 Def, 1674 Acc, 1717 Eva
TC 6 Stats: 6688 H(+36), 7403 S(+35), 1323 Att(+7), 1338 Def(+8), 1681 Acc(+7), 1788 Eva(+71)

Build 1: Solver

Acc Emphasis- 5 Skilful, 1 Violent, 1 Steady, 1 Mercurial: 9226 H, 2025 Att, 1958 Acc, 2227 Eva
H, Att Emphasis- 3 Powerful, 2 Skilful, 2 Violent, 1 Proficient: 9226 H, 2172 Att, 1902 Acc, 2003 Eva

You should know how this is done by now. ;)

Build 2: Counter Tank

Evasive- 6 Skilful, 2 Steady: 10084 H, 1996 Att, 1844 Acc, 2227 Eva
Health & Attack - 4 Skilful, 3 Powerful, 1 Violent: 10084 H, 2112 Att, 1788 Acc, 2057 Eva

It is an idea to combine tanking and the Infiltrator class bonus/Countering together to maximise the counters your agent make. This build to for those: 10k Health, about 2k att and 5-bar acc+high evasion to take hits and dish some back.

Infused Techsuit

For the infused techsuits, as the main increment in stats is in evasion, you can replace 1 Skilful crystal in the above builds with a Powerful crystal.


Uniform Scrapper 8 Male
Gain the ability to follow-up attacks from Infiltrators, Grants Bruisers enhanced stats. High Attack and Accuracy, mediocre health though.

Stats: 6724 H, 7368 S, 1645 Att, 1416 Def, 1717 Acc, 1245 Eva

Build 1: Solver

Acc Emphasis- 5 Stalwart, 2 Forceful, 1 Steady: 9298 H, 2325 Att, 2011 Def, 1972 Acc
H Emphasis- 7 Stalwart, 1 Steady: 10156 H, 2325 Att, 2011 Def, 1802 Acc
Att Emphasis- 4 Stalwart, 1 Forceful, 2 Bulky, 1 Powerful: 9042 H, 2412 Att, 2069 Def, 1802 Acc

Nice Attack and Health, wouldn't be a bad counter tank.

Build 2: Full Attack

1 Violent, 7 Strong: 2760 Att, 1831 Acc

This is the 2nd highest attack of the 6 uniforms, simply because 1 crystal is enough to give a 5-bar accruacy.


Uniform Bruiser 6 Male
Gain enhance stats from Scrappers, Grants Blasters 100% critical and ignore defended. High Health and Defence, very low Evasion.

Stats: 8584 H, 7368 S, 1459 Att, 1717 Def, 1330 Acc, 1144 Eva

Build 1: Solver

Acc Emphasis- 7 Forceful, 1 Steady: 9013 H, 2139 Att, 2312 Def, 2010 Acc
H Emphasis- 5 Forceful, 2 Stalwart, 1 Steady: 9871 H, 2139 Att, 2312 Def, 1840 Acc
H, Def Emphasis- 3 Steady, 3 Forceful, 1 Stalwart, 1 Sturdy: 10872 H, 2061 Att, 2175 Def, 1846 Acc

Nothing more to say on this subject :P

Build 2: Tank

5-bar Acc- 6 Patient, 2 Sturdy: 12302 H, 2461 Def, 1846 Acc
OR 2 Focused, 2 Exact, 3 Sturdy, 1 Patient: 11873 H, 2372 Def, 1871 Acc
Normal Acc- 8 Sturdy: 13160 H, 2629 Def

Evasion is a lost cause for the Bruiser agent, so emphasis on defence and health. Very nice numbers there though.

Empowered Isotope-8 Analysis (For Empowered/Safeguard Armours)

As Empowered Armours are very common nowadays, especially the Generalist one, it is a good idea to make use of that slot. So what should you slot?
Sympathetic- Decent for support but I would rather Relentless/Salve to ensure the agent can have a turn to use his gadgets
Distant/Close- If you are going for an Full Attack build, this is quite useful for extra damage, depending on your weapon of choice
Resonant- Notable Magic Gears include Signpost+Hard Nox, Mystic, Scroll of Angolob/Aknazask, (Custom) Possessed Pistol, if you want to use a combination of them, then this would suit you well.
Relentless- Very splash-able since getting stunned is bad for any agent or hero
Surprising- 10% chance to Stun others, if you play a lot AoE/All enemies weapons and you feel lucky, go ahead to aim for a jackpot of full-team stun
Sheltered/Recovering- The latter is free from EIso-8 unlocking quest. Still, your agent have a lot better things to do than recharging most of the time...
Stypic- Only if bleeding is a major concern to you...

Captain's Courage(30G) - Too expensive but a great buff for those who can afford, especially fans of the bruiser safeguard and tanking

Generalist EIso-8 Analysis

Cleansing (20G) - 1 debuff off a turn, works quite nice if you wan a pseudo-relentless but also deals with those nasty Opportunist debuffs.
Inspiring (10G) - Boosts stats for the team, quite good in general, increased stats are never bad :)

Blaster EIso-8 Analysis

Explosive (20G) - Splash Damage is not really practical for 20 Gold
Phased Frequencies (10G) - This one is much better, ignore Reality Hacking/Warping and Phased, all those annoying Avoidance and Incorporeal effects
Persisting (5G) - Radiation Exposure is not really enough to compensate for critical damage.

Tactician EIso-8 Analysis

Quick (20G) - The second part of the reason where Tactician's Empowered Armour was so popular, Magnetic Field Generator, Cuff L.I.N.C. and more as a Quick Action is awesome.
Protective (10G) - Nice for tanking agents, especially you can become more annoying with Invisible Woman's EIso-8 and Survival Training (from Falcon/Honorary Guardian)
Increasing (5G) - Not much use for agents, since the Tactician uniform don't boast a high attack

Infiltrator EIso-8 Analysis

Reflexive (20G) - You generally need this against Quicksilver, great against other scrappers and Iron Patriot. 

Blurred (10G) - Quite nice for tanking, then again Close Quarters Combat grant True Strike, ignoring mirror images...

Lingering (5G) - Quite good for counter tanks, Poisoned also lowers enemy attack as well as being a DoT.

Scrapper EIso-8 Analysis

Purging (20G) - The small chance seems to be really small, but Remove Buffs can mess people up. Your choice
Bruised (10G) - Not a really good choice, unless your whole team resolves around Combo Setup, still Close EIso-8 is generally better
Aggressive (5G) - Quite good on agents, since Brawl is a melee attack and there are tons of good melee gears, Hand of Apocalypse is one that comes to mind.

Bruiser EIso-8 Analysis

Vengeful (20G) - Apparently, for tank agents only, very good for them though.
Viscous (10G) - Slowed is not a really good debuff, unless you are desperate for Paragon Exploitation...
Hardened (5G) - If your agent like tanking and countering at the same time, maybe you can use this, but trust me, Vengeful is better.


Hope you have find these useful! If you have any questions, comments are on, so fire away. :)

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