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  • BlazeWu

    This is meant to be a public collection of my personal iso-8 builds that differ significantly from the standard PKB build or is not featured in the other 3 main iso-8 blogs.
    I prefer to report the final iso-8ed stats as it gives a better perceptive to how the hero is finally built than how much you're adding (what PKB & Shade99 did).

    War Machine/Iron Patriot is a very fast attacker which quickly becomes a burden once Overcharge/Full Overcharge is used and the last barrage is over. Hence, I personally use an extreme build for him to make sure he gain more in kills than losing in turns. Note this is less compatible with the Orginal War Machine alt which has some emphasis on survival
    3 Powerful, 4 Violent and 1 Steady:
    9298 HP, 2601 Atk, 1830 Acc


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  • BlazeWu

    The Agent is a big part of our daily M:AA lives, he/she is the least predictable variable of PvP with varying classes, roles and gears in general. The Iso-8 builds suggested here are meant for general play and less for PvP where Iso-8 plays an negligible role in stats. I would being using the L300 stats for easy comparison. Furthermore, I would be mainly comparing using 8 Iso-8 uniforms (Commander Trenches, PvP Armours, Generalist's Empowered Armour).

    Note: For Reinforced Trenches, the base stats are a little less and with only 6 Iso-8 slots, it would be difficult to have a balanced build, so you would want to specialise the Iso-8 in either attack or defence, using the Full Attack & Tank builds provided below, just adjust accordingly.

    No Cla…

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  • BlazeWu

    Team A: Emma(eiso8)+Patriot, Gen EA w/SoA, chitter-chatter, N-trope, GTB

    1. Volstagg+Fandral(Eiso8), Gen EA Agent w/tankard, synthetic cube, SoA, mahayuga -> Lose

    Team B: No Alt QuickLocke

    2. Tac P5 Emma+Havok, Gen EA Agent w/syn cube, apo's subjugator, 

    3. Angel+Cap A, Blast Aegis w/ soulfire blade, 

    4. Infil Pest+Fandral(Eiso8), Tac EA w/syn cube, tankard, war axe

    5. Ares(Aiso8)+Scrap BQS, Gen EA w/syn cube, mystic, SoA -> Lose

    6. Infil FF IW+Mag, Tac EA w/ raft shank

    7. Fandral+Volstagg, Blast Aegis w/ signpost, mystic, tankard

    8. Scr Mighty Thor(eiso8)+Herc(eiso8), Gen EA w/ Rayshield, syn cube, war axe, tankard

    9. Mag+Ares, Inf EA w/syn cube, coulson, war axe, CC

    10. Gen BQS+Herc(eiso8), Gen EA w/shepherd, savant, syn cube -> Lose

    11. Storm(eiso8) +…

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