As we look at some of the user pages, we see some users with tabbed profile page. A tabbed profile page is that you have tabs with categories instead of having it go so long down that it takes for ever to scroll down to find the end of the user page. I am here to teach you how to create a tabbed profile page.

Before I start to teach you how to make it, you could 1. be a user just reading through all the blog posts and don't know what a tabbed profile is. If so, then here is what a tabbed profile looks like: User:Blast Dude or 2. You know what a tabbed profile looks like. If so, you probably want to get to learning how to make it. Now below is how it make one.

First, you start out by deciding what you want in your tabs and what you want to name it. For example, you want to create a tab for your hero collection. You would first need to create a page that you want to name your tab. You would probably want to name your hero collection, Hero Collection. If so, you would want to type in the URL place:<insert your user name here>/<insert page name you want here. Substitute space for _ >

What you want to do is click, Add this page, after you typed the URL for the page you want to create. Then select Blank Page. After you did those steps, you can go to Category:User_templates and select a template. There are tons of templates to choose from like, Hero Collections, Profiles, Completed Events(PVP, Spec Ops, Lockboxes), ect.

You do this with all the tabs you want as many times as you wish, but try not to create too many pages!

When you finish with making all the pages, it's time to make the tabs on your profile! Put on the very very top of the page in source mode,

User:<insert your user name here>/<insert page you want here>|<insert what you want to name your tab here>

For example:
User:Blast Dude/Profile|Profile

Now after you did that, you are finished!


When you create your page, you might want to put at the very very top in source mode:

==<insert name of page here>==

For example:

==User Page==

That would allow you to easily edit the page by going to your profile and clicking the edit button in the tab instead of going to the page of the tab. You must type the code in manually in Source Mode for it to work.

If you need help

Please leave a message on my Message Wall I would respond faster if you leave a message so I get a notification when I log in, if you comment, it might take me a while.

Hope this guide helped!

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