Season 2: Hopes & Dreams of one Man.


As we wile away the time we have remaining during Season One of Playdom's Avengers Alliance, I can't help but look back at all the fond memories I have had throughout the passed year of this game.   I came very early after its inception and proudly forged my own path.  I made a lot of mistakes, I bought heroes I probably could've waited to get ahold of and I wound up with a few 'losses' during those early days.  It was a learning curve.  I learned fast and I advanced - I made the game my own and I am proud to be one of the lucky few who mastered Special Operations 01 before the time extension and before the difficulty was lowered.  I still count that as my crowning achievement in this game to-date.. but we are not here to discuss the past, are we? 

Season 1 is coming to a close now, and although it will remain playable (It can't not - for the new players and the story).. I think it only prudent now to turn my attention forwards.. to new horizons, to new foes, to new allies.

The above image is of   *****SPOILER ALERT*****   The Black Queen, we see here sitting there atop her little throne, taunting us.  This tells me one thing, we are going to London.  Why London, you ask?  Because that's all American's seem to know/care about in Marvel's Universe.  I live at the opposite end of the country and couldn't tell you a single time Marvel's ever shown 'Manchester'.   ... Anyway.   With that in mind I think that we may well be seeing another addition of British Heroes.  I'm looking at:

1320522-xswd4_zpsdd2cee7d.jpg   Albion

Lionheart_zps3797f074.jpg   Lionheart 

It may be the dream of one man, but i'd like it if it became a reality. I can appreciate we already have 5 British Heroes in-game but a guy can dream. 

I also think Season 2 is going to bring a whole new host of characters including some long awaited fan favourites like Iceman and Pyro,  Cloak & Dagger, Moon Knight (Stay tuned: August 21st),  Red Hulk and the likes but we'll have to wait and see for those.    

Here's hoping for a continuation of a gripping story, with 12 more Chapters, a wealth of new opponents (Iron Monger, Mandarin, Shocker, Lizard (Lockbox), The High Evolutionary etc.), and perhaps even a little humour (Bob).

What are YOUR thoughts regarding Season 2's possibilities?

Do you disagree with my analysis that we'll be visiting these isles?

Do you find yourself offended at the possibility of another hero emblazoned with the Union Jack?


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