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  • BlackjackXIII

    As we wile away the time we have remaining during Season One of Playdom's Avengers Alliance, I can't help but look back at all the fond memories I have had throughout the passed year of this game.   I came very early after its inception and proudly forged my own path.  I made a lot of mistakes, I bought heroes I probably could've waited to get ahold of and I wound up with a few 'losses' during those early days.  It was a learning curve.  I learned fast and I advanced - I made the game my own and I am proud to be one of the lucky few who mastered Special Operations 01 before the time extension and before the difficulty was lowered.  I still count that as my crowning achievement in this game to-date.. but we are not here to discuss the past,…

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  • BlackjackXIII

    Alright, so i'll be the first to admit that i've thrown around conjecture a lot because at the end of the day everyone is always guessing, and why are they guessing? Because they love this game and can't possibly wait for more.

    The recent speculations flying around are what is going to happen in Spec Ops 08.   We haven't even finished Spec Ops 07: Ghost in the Machine just yet and already we're salivating for more.

    Personally, I haven't even finished Chapter 11 yet!  I can wait a while and enjoy the story.   That being said let's get back to the point at hand.   A lot of people have theories about 'The British Invasion'  'Constrictor'  and even 'Ultron'  (Ultron holds the most water for my bet primarily because of how Spec Ops 07 ended)


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