Okay, so after some time, and with a little help from the Comment section, I have decided the FF IW is better than FF Spider-Man to be paired up with FF Human Torch. But, since I luckily got 20 CP from the Daily Roulette, I can now decide: 

Should I keep my old PVP Team (FF HT + Mockingbird), or should I replace Mockingbird or FF HT with Defender Dr. Strange,  FF IW, or Ghost Rider?


Replace (FF HT + Mockingbird) with ((Avengers) Hawkeye + Black Widow) OR (FF IW + Defender Dr. Strange)

To help decide, I have created this basic organizer of all pros and cons:

---Future Foundation Human Torch---

Annihilus Human Torch Portrait Art

Human Torch


  • Future Foundation Buffs (Cosmic Control Rod)
  • 3 Default Buffs + Blazing Speed


  • Vulnerable to Tacticians
  • Share the Future will only activate on Round 4 and with another Future Foundation member (I have chosen FF IW to do this, if I get enough encouragment to buy her)


Mockingbird Portrait Art



  • Critical Intel inflicts Weak Point on targets
  • Adjusts to Enemy (Mock Combat)
  • I can gloat over my enemies because I have Mockingbird!


  • Mock Combat activates when attacked and might be a disadvantage (i.e. Scrapper attacks, so Mockingbird, so then Blaster attacks Mockingbird)
  • Critical Intel has a Cooldown of 3 Rounds

---Defender Dr. Strange (Tactician when paired with FF HT)---

Dr. Strange FB Artwork 2

Defender Dr. Strange


  • High Attack, Attacks inflict Bane
  • Stamina replenishment system (Mystic Energy), Power of the Principalities
  • Healing Ability, chance to grant a Shield to an ally
  • Tacticians' Extra Turn will allow constant Stamina replenishment


  • Low Defense + Low Stamina

---Future Foundation Invisible Woman---

Invisible Woman FB Artwork 2

Future Foundation Invisible Woman


  • Future Foundation Buffs (Reactive Shields) 
  • Invisibility Buffs
  • Share the Future will activate
  • Subtle + Deadly Crits
  • Counters with Shield or L1 Attack


  • Low Health + Low Defense
  • Reactive Shields are only made up of 10% of IW's Base Health
  • Share the Future doesn't start until Round 4

---Ghost Rider---

Ghost Rider Portrait Art

Ghost Rider


  • Eye of Judgement and Immunity to Burning
  • Infernal Contract grants a 50% chance to be revived
  • Psychic Attack
  • Magic Debuffs (Dark Void + Soulfire) would be intensified if paired up with Defender Dr. Strange, because his attacks inflict Bane.
  • Soulfire removes buffs


  • Could use some ISO-8 in Attack
  • Relies mostly on Debuffs and Vengance + Penance Stare to do most damage to the Enemy

---(Avengers) Black Widow + Hawkeye---

Avengers Hawkeye Portrait Art

Avengers Hawkeye

Avengers Black Widow Portrait Art

Avengers Black Widow


  • Coordinated Attack + Cooperative Defense (and Colllaborative Effort if I had Coulson's Revenge)
  • Attacks that Weaken, Remove Buffs, and Stun
  • Black Widow's passive of applying Targeted to attackers


  • Takes up the 2 Hero spots for PVP
  • Coordinated Attack & Cooperative Defense might not trigger at all

---FF IW + Defender Dr. Strange (I have seen this stragety frequently lately)---


  • 2 Shields + FF IW's Shield
  • 4 ways to activate Shields
  • Other Pros listed with FF IW and Defender Dr. Strange


  • Relies heavily on Shields, so is therefore vulnerable to Debuffs, Psychic/ Psychic Energy Attacks, and when Shields are removed
  • Other Cons listed with FF IW and Defender Dr. Strange

---FF Human Torch + Mockingbird (Current PVP Stragety)---


  • Pros listed with Mockingbird and FF HT


  • Cons listed with FF HT and Mockingbird

So, I need your help in deciding my new PVP Team/ Stragety, or to stick with my current PVP Team/ Stragety.

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