PVP Heroes are supposed to be released for purchase one month after their PVP Tournament ends (Theory 1). There's nothing wrong with that, except, oh, Deadpool was released on Dec. 12, NOT Dec. 5, because the tournament ended on Nov. 5- which means that DP was released 1 month and 1 week after PVP Tournament 1 ended (Theory 2) . That bothers me. So, if Cable isn't going to be released on Jan. 11, then when? Wait. PVP Tournament 2 ended on December 10 (Theory 3). So, DP came out 2 days after PVP Tournament 2 ended. So, Cable will be released most likely according to these theories:

Theory 1: Jan. 11

Theory 2: Jan. 18

Theory 3: Jan. 9

So, maybe Cable will be released on Jan. 11, but with Variable Pricing, and then have the price standardized on Dec. 18. Unlike Spec Op Heroes, Cable is garunteed to be released for purchase, and for unlimited time, but may not be released in this manner.

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